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Jim Dieugenio

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Erythromycin 500 mg kaufen

The Death of Richard Gilbride’s Deluded Fantasies.



2014 Richard Gilbride




 “Death Of A Lunch Room Hoax” at the Deep Politics Forum


Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter


The Death Of Prayer Woman Part 1. The Death Of Prayer Woman Part 2

Education Forum

Jim DiEugenio and David Joseph gave to Richard Gilbride


8 pager   Alan Ford demolishes that interpretation as well at DPF. 

The 13 points of concurrence are also utterly worthless, David Josephs takes care of this already




Harold Norman’s testimony Jim DiEugenio and Jerry Policoff

thread at The Education Forum.


see for yourself









Ed Ledoux who has turned this fake story into mincemeat



Black Op Radio April 2017

Thanks to Jim DiEugenio for putting me forward to do Len Osanic’s radio show Black Op Radio.

Just over an hour’s worth talking about how I started and of course the second floor lunch room encounter fugezi.

Great fun, but I was tired and a bit nervous and due to that I lost my train of thought twice.

Thanks Len and Jim!!

Listen to it HERE. This link downloads the MP3 file.

Or listen at Len’s website. Show #831

Meme by Stan Dane.

Time to make some movies about the 2nd floor paper soon. anatomy essay review

Last year at the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, Bart Kamp was awarded the New Frontier award. The citation stated that his work in reexamining the second floor encounter of Oswald with Texas School Book Depository foreman Roy Truly and motorcycle officer Marrion Baker utilized “a broad array of new data, including documents and statements of the participants and a variety of TSBD witnesses.” We agreed with this award and the description of the achievement. The second floor lunch encounter is a thread-worn shibboleth of the Warren Report that – like Oswald’s mail order rifle – the first generation of critics simply passed on; the notable exception being Harold Weisberg in his book Whitewash II. In Reclaiming Parkland, I began to question it, largely based on Marrion Baker’s first day affidavit, where the officer does not even mention the episode – or Oswald or Truly.  Even though, as he wrote the affidavit, Oswald was sitting across from him in the rather small witness room. In other words, after he had just stuck a gun in his stomach, Baker didn’t recognize him.

But Bart Kamp goes much further than that in his analysis. We are presenting a small part of that long essay here, with a link to the longer version at the admirable group Dealey Plaza UK. The new revised version of the essay, from which this part is adapted, will be posted there soon and we will link to it then. This is the kind of work, daring and original, questioning accepted paradigms with new and provocative evidence, that stands for.

~ Jim DiEugenio

ROKC Conference 2015

The venue is the Mercure, Spring St, Melbourne.

Dates Sat 21 and Sun 22

Time 8:30 am to 4:30 both days.

Speakers include: Gokay Hasan Yusuf, Gayle Nix Jackson, Vince Palamara, Colin Crow and many others.

More details about the ROKC conference by clicking this link.