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Dealey Plaza

JFK Lancer 2023 Conference

JFK Lancer 2023 Conference

  Below some pictures of the crowd at the JFK Lancer Conference while my presentation was on in Dallas on Nov 19th 2023.

With thanks to Peter Antill for the photographs.

And here is the video of it, added Nov 24th.

The Opperman Report

The Opperman Report

  I spoke with Ed Opperman on Sept 25th about Prayer Man.

You can listen to it on Spreaker HERE.


Out Of The Blank #1495

Thanks to Robbie Robertson for featuring me again on his out of the Blank podcast.


Also my book Prayer Man More Than A Fuzzy Picture is now also available through Barnes & Noble.

Prayer Man More Than A Fuzzy Picture

Prayer Man More Than A Fuzzy Picture


Prayer Man More Than A Fuzzy Picture Book Cover

So here it is, something I did not think I would be putting together,  a book! Especially after finishing my papers just over a year ago, ‘blame’ Malcolm Blunt who said to me in June 2022 “You should do a book.” It meant more research and many more hours of work, which enabled me to conclude on some things I had not thought thought of, like the fingerprints, palm prints and above all the connection between the rifle and Lee Oswald on Nov 22nd.

That editing and finalising the book was going to be such a slog (10 weeks) and that stressful was unbeknown to me, but hey I am an experience richer. Same goes with publishing it thru Amazon, which was virgin territory as well.

I hope you enjoy it, like the ones who have ordered it already!

To order from Amazon click below
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Update Sept 18th 2023.
It is now also available through Barnes & Noble.

The Dallas Action – Episode 206

The Dallas Action – Episode 206


I had the pleasure once again to talk with Doug Campbell about my forthcoming book “Prayer Man: More Than A Fuzzy Picture”.  This time we talk about what happened in front and inside the TSBD. Click the picture below to go to Spreaker to listen to the podcast.

JFK Lancer 2023

JFK Lancer Conference 2023


I will be doing a one hour presentation remotely at the 27th Annual JFK Lancer Conference!
This event is being held on November 17th – 19th, 2023 at the Lorenzo Hotel, Dallas, Texas.

I shall be speaking about some of my key findings from my book Prayer Man: More Than a Fuzzy Picture.

The Book

The Book


So when I finished my papers last year in June Malcolm Blunt said to me “you should do a book”. And that was something I had not planned on doing at all. I was completely against it when I set off on this ‘journey’ of writing it all down in 2016. I enjoyed the approach of the interactive papers with its inserted evidence right there and then.

Had it been anyone else I would not have heeded much notice to that remark, but in this case I did nothing until September 2022 and then started to look into what needed to be done to add and turn it into a book. Producing a book is not really something I have done before, it’s my first.

So here goes….

Since Autumn 2022; the fingerprints, palm prints and nitrate tests have been dug into. Oswald’s psych reports at Youth House in 1953 as well. There will be partial transcripts of interviews done by Ed Ledoux  with Roy Edward Lewis in 2018 & 2022.  On top of that some serious finds added purely based on the documented evidence at hand from the Malcolm Blunt archive and not brought forward before on  this website or anywhere else.

The e-book version will have all its evidence ( 1,200 foot notes) linked but for the hard copy book version I refer you to this website’s special section of the book. Which is a set of pages that has the book chapters’ numbered links to all evidence neatly organised for those that are interested. So you can use your electronic device at the same time to check out the foot notes while reading on that particular page of your hard copy.

This section I put together instead of having to go back and forth within book.

The book will have three chapters:

  1. Prayer Man.
  2. Inside the TSBD.
  3. The Interrogations.

Setting up this whole thing is virgin territory to me and took a few weeks longer than originally thought, but now I hope to release the e-book by July 10th and the hard copy version to be released a week later.

Spaulden Jones Photos at the Sixth Floor Museum

Spaulden Jones Photos at the Sixth Floor Museum


Spaulden Jones. Thanks to Phil Hopley.

A few weeks back the Sixth Floor Museum published a set of colour photographs taken by Spaulden Jones inside the Texas School Book Depository. Jones was a regional manager of Macmillan and Company, which were housed on the third floor of the TSBD.  Spaulden Jones believed that he was on the elevator with Lee Harvey Oswald on November 22, 1963 at 08:30 as per his notes seen below.

Click pic to enlarge. Photo: Spaulden Jones – Sixth Floor Museum.

The next day on the morning of the 23rd, Jones took a series of color photographs on the sixth floor of the Depository, and it is just amazing to see the so called ‘scene’ in colour for a change.

I like the photo of the two men in the so called sniper’s nest with one on the phone and the other being close to the sniper’s position and is fairly well concealed from view unless from relative closeness which this shot perfectly demonstrates. Those pipes look like a bother for a right handed shooter.

Click pic to enlarge. Photo: Spaulden Jones – Sixth Floor Museum.

Two other photos stood out to me as they were not  taken on the third floor, where the MacMillan office was based inside the TSBD.

They are of the second floor front entrance of the TSBD office of which there is a similar FBI photograph that was published by the Warren Commission in 1964. A quick comparison immediately shows this to be the same front entrance.

Click pic to enlarge. Photo: Spaulden Jones – Sixth Floor Museum.

Click to enlarge. Photo:  Spaulden Jones – Sixth Floor Museum.


Second floor office space entrance, click pic to enlarge. From MFF.

I reckon that potential clients of the companies housed inside the TSBD where received through the second floor front entrance. And that also goes for the conference room photo pasted below. There is no other conference room in the building than on the second floor in the back where the upper management such as Jack Cason and Ochus Campbell had their offices. It is nice to see what the conference room looked like. Obviously the books belong to the publishing companies housed on the second, third and fourth floors. No idea of identifying the people in the photographs above the shelf unit are. Nor the Emblem, could be an award?

Click to enlarge. Second floor conference room TSBD. Photo: Spaulden Jones – Sixth Floor Museum.

Click to enlarge. Second floor conference room TSBD, back of image. Photo: Spaulden Jones – Sixth Floor Museum.

And for more clarification I share the 2nd and 3rd floor plans made by the FBI. For some strange reason rooms 302, 303 and 304 are missing on the third floor plans.

Add on April 14th 2023.

Jones also did an Oral History Interview with the Sixth Floor Museum in 1996.

Spaulden Jones being interviewed in April 1996. Pic.: Sixth Floor Museum. Click to enlarge.

During the first ten minutes he explains what he had done during his career and his position inside the TSBD as a manager for MacMillan book publishing company, he worked from the fourth floor and he had six secretaries working for him.

  • He knew Roy Truly very well. Truly was in charge of the physical shipping of the books.
  • Jones was out for lunch with Herbert Junker (one of his sales reps) at the closeby Blue Front restaurant when JFK was killed.
  • They returned to the TSBD straight after hearing the news. His estimation was that about five or ten minutes had passed.
  • He noticed that there was a lot of confusion.
  • He had five of his office ladies down out in front of the TSBD when he returned.
  • When asking them how many shots they had heard many of them could not precisely recall as to how many they thought they had heard. It differed from 2-4 shots.
  • Some of the women were near the front entrance and some were further down Elm St.
  • He was milling around and he mentions meeting Wes Wise, but also a suited gentleman who was holding a shoe box  which contained a piece of Kennedy’s skull and which he saw being handed over.
  • People were listening to their radios where they would hear that the President was at Parkland hospital. But upon seeing that piece of skull Jones had not much faith in JFK still being alive.
  • They, the office people, were let back into the TSBD, but they couldn’t leave.
  • Upon return inside the women were very much upset and before they let anyone go they were being interviewed in their office. Strangely enough he cannot remember who questioned them, only that they were not wearing uniforms. He thinks they were FBI or USSS. The ladies were interviewed first.
  • He mentions seeing and talking to Doris Burns afterwards. They had questioned her already but would not let her go. After which one of the other older ladies remarked “She won’t tell them her age.”
  • When asked what questions he was asked at that time he states: “How many shots did you hear? Where were you standing?”



With special thanks to Gary Murr (for the drawings) and Ed Ledoux for some additional research.