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Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury 2018 Seminar

On Fri the 27th the missus and I made our way to Canterbury to attend the 16th DPUK Canterbury seminar. I had a two hour presentation to give on the Saturday and also had scheduled two interviews, one with Malcolm Blunt and the other with John Newman on Sunday. Besides that I managed to get Jim DiEugenio to do his “JFK and his foreign policy” talk. We had some rain but other than that it was ok. Barry Keane and I shared a flat in the centre of Canterbury and we joined the rest of the posse (about a dozen at that time) in the pub for a couple of pints and from thereon we made our way to Pinocchio’s an Italian restaurant where Dealey Plaza UK has been going on the evening before the seminar ever since organising it in in Canterbury.

I myself left a bit earlier than the rest and managed to get really drunk at the flat in the time span of one hour, it took me by surprise to say the least. Waking up the next morning and not remembering how I got to bed at all was already the first indicator of a raging hangover that lasted pretty much all day. And it was not just me, Barry Keane who had the honours of doing the very first talk felt it too ;) But we managed to pull through, there was simply too much at stake. I myself felt like Richard Nixon with that sweaty patch just above my lips and had to wipe it several times while the booze was making its way out through my pores.

Professional indeed….

The whole weekend was great fun and obviously flew by rather quick. I enjoyed the entire program and could I do 4-5 days of this? Easy!

I would like to thank Stuart Galloway, DPUK’s outgoing secretary, for setting the seminar up like he has been doing for the past decade, he did a marvellous job. Thank you Stuart for everything you have done!

Thanks to all the speakers as well for sharing your time and knowledge to us.



The audio of the above interview of Malcolm can also be heard at the The Lone Gunman Podcast with an intro by yours truly.

The John Newman video will be inserted in a few days. But the Lone Gunman Podcast of the audio of this telephone interview can be listened to HERE.

April 2018 Links

New Group of JFK Assassination Documents Available to the Public.

In latest JFK files, some tantalising nuggets — and stuff that makes you go ‘huh?’

Desperate Measures in the Congo.

The Cecil Camp Family Collection, no. 1 – Dealey Plaza and JFK Assassination News Coverage (1963).


JFK documents could show the truth about a diplomat’s death 47 years ago.

March 2018 links


Destroyed Files by Bill Simpich.

James Angleton HSCA Interview. Courtesy of JFKFacts.

Camera that captured the killing of Lee Harvey Oswald sold.

A Dealey Plaza Homily – A Spiritual Dimension to the Assassination. By Bill Kelley.

Seventeen year old Lyla Krol interviews her grandfather, Robert Krol, about November 22, 1963 JFK assassination with poppy.

What are the chances of another President Kennedy?

The Testimony Of Walter Sheridan.

Ricochet of a Lie by Milicent Cranor.

Flashback: Take a look inside the Jack Ruby murder trial.

CNN takes a historical look at the Kennedy family.

Dowdle brothers developing Dorothy Kilgallen Project.

Michael Paine, debated politics with JFK assassin Lee Harvey Oswald, dies at 89.

John F Kennedy’s ‘lost’ speech after assassination recreated by sound engineers.

JFK files: 15-year lawsuit over mysterious CIA agent drags as final files await release.

More on Michael Paine – and his Importance in the Assassination Story by Bill Kelley.

One JFK conspiracy theory that could be true.


Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter Update V4

Since August 2017 I came across a few more items so I decided to include these and release this new update. I am honestly not sure whether there is much left to include in this paper. I reckon time will tell. Since getting awarded by Lancer and Dealey Plaza UK this paper has doubled in size. More to read no doubt and more to bitch about by Richard Gilbride and Brian Doyle. Snooch to da mooch darlings ;)

The following has been added:

  • More info and a link to Roy Truly’s ‘deleted’ testimony video. Page 4.
  • Video link and transcript of an interview with Sylvia Meagher in which she discusses the 2nd floor lunch room encounter in depth. Added on pages 9-11.
  • Malcolm Couch still added showing Baker’s bike parked on Elm St. Page 20.
  • Detailed drawings of the TSBD front entrance. These were made by the FBI in early Dec. 1963. Pages 30 & 31. Thanks to Gary Murr.
  • More testimony and a line of text of Joe Molina added to “Who saw Baker going up the stairs” chapter, page 38.
  • Detailed drawings from the FBI on the 2nd floor of the TSBD, pages 63-64. Thanks to Gary Murr.
  • Press and Sun-Bulletin Binghamton, New York · Sun, Dec 8, 1963 article added, page 73.
  • Added Martha Reed’s affidavit in the chapter Oswald’s location during the so called 2nd floor encounter and just after, page 82.
  • Added two documents from Arch Kimbraugh’s collection with statements made by Roy Truly on the day he left for his W.C. testimony. Pages 102 and 103. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt.
  • Report by Charles Batchelor in the Where did Baker and Truly go after the Encounter chapter. Pages 107-109.
  • Jack Revill’s list of all persons’ details taken upon leaving the T.S.B.D. Pages 111 and 112.
  • The Carolyn Arnold sub-chapter has been re-written in part and has a few more photos/graphics/statements/book excerpts added. Pages 124-139.
  • FBI report with the timings of the re-enactment. Pages 159-161. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt.


The paper can be viewed HERE.

Dumping my Lancer and DPUK awards

I have decided to hand back the awards I was given for my work on the 2nd floor lunch room encounter paper. Brian Doyle is probably thinking that he has won with his incessant trolling on FB and some forums, oh wait he has no forums left to post on, he has been kicked off of all of them……

Doyle can talk till the cows come home, but he is nothing more than a lying troll and Debra Conway engaged into a convo with him and got goaded.

It is actually Debra Conway’s remark to Brian Doyle  on FB that has made me decide to dump both awards. If the regret is THAT big then why should I be an obstacle, you can have it back with pleasure. I am also handing the DPUK award back as well.  No need to keep ’em.

I was pleasantly surprised by both awards but the tail this has been getting means I see no need for holding on to them. I just wish to add that DPUK has no blame whatsoever, my thought was if I hand one back then I may as well hand back the other. Nothing sinister at all, it was my decision to do this based on what has happened above.

Think my research stands strong enough without them so there.

Am I going to quit?

Fuck no!

First there will be a rebuttal to the utter shit essay made by Richard Gilbride a week ago, since this dross is 90 odd pages long it will take a bit of time.

Then of course the V4 update fo Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter, which will be double the amount of pages as to the one I actually got the award for….see life moves on regardless.

Finally I wish to thank Larry Hancock and Stu Wexler at Lancer and Barry Keane at DPUK for choosing me at first for consideration of the Lancer New Frontier and the DPUK Awards.

X-Mas 2017 update

Merry X-Mas everyone, hope you are all having a joyful time with your closest ones.

I was going to release an update to The Interrogations of Lee Harvey Oswald, but that is a bit on the back burner for about a month or so. I hope to be able to do it by end of Jan. 2018. At this stage there are already 45 pages extra, but I need to work more on a few chapters and I am awaiting some more stuff which I’d like to include once I get my hands on it. It’ll be worth the wait ;)

There is also another update to the Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter coming early next year. Only about thirteen extra pages this time.