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Gerald Hill.



Calling for support through the ‘sniper’s window’ on the 6th floor of the TSBD. Click pic to enlarge. Photo.: William Allen from UNT.

Sergeant Gerald Hill, spoke to the press shortly after Oswald’s arrest and supplied incriminating details, yet not once mentioned the Alek HIdell ID. And they allegedly found his billfold containing this important bit of evidence! Now Gerald Hill could have forgotten to mention this, but when he is interviewed for a second time as mentioned In the supplementary volumes of the Warren Report, Hill states to the newsmen, “The only way we found out what his name was, was to remove his billfold and check it ourselves; he wouldn’t even tell us what his name was.” Later in the interview a reporter asks, “What was the name on the billfold?” Hill replies, “Lee H. Oswald, 0-S-W-A-L-D.”

No mention at all of the name Hidell.

Gerald Hill in a filmed interview (at 03:44) also stated that they turned Oswald over to Captain Fritz of the Homicide Bureau.

Sergeant Gerald Hill being interviewed in the corridor of the third floor corridor of City Hall. Click pic to enlarge.



Gerald Hill to the right of Oswald while exiting from the elevator on the third floor. Click pic to enlarge.

List of arresting officers of Lee Harvey Oswald inside the Texas Theater. Click pic to enlarge. From UNT.



Gerald Hill speaking to the press at Dallas City Hall. Click pic to enlarge. From UNT.



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