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Judith Louise McCully


There is a bit of a discrepancy with Judy McCully’s statements, and that is that in the first FBI affidavit from Nov. 24 1963, she mentions that she was on the fourth floor instead of the front steps, as claimed on Feb. 18th  and March 19th 1964.

At the end of McCully’s FBI statement from March 19th 1964 it is stated that:

Miss McCully advised that when she was previously interviewed by FBI Agents on November 24, 1963, she recalls telling them she was standing on the fourth floor of the Texas School Book Depository watching the Presidential motorcade pass by the building; however, she stated she wished to clarify this point by stating she was actually standing on the steps of the main entrance to building and immediately following the shooting returned to the fourth floor.

There is no mention of McCully in Avery Davis’ original 11/23/63 FBI Report. She does not mention standing with McCully until her second known description of the day’s events which she gave to the Dallas Sheriff’s Department on 2/18/64.



FBI statement Nov 24 1963

Report by W. E. Potts, concerning an interview with Judy McCully

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