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Some people have an opinion on my work. Here are a few quotes.


Judyth Vary Baker Jan 20 2021.

This post shows you that Lee Harvey Oswald really was on the 1st floor of the TSBD when President John F. Kennedy was shot. Please save it, and share, because the “Official Version” now provides us with proof that the Dallas Police, the FBI and Lee’s bosses where he worked colluded to put him in a different location, to frame him as Kennedy’s killer. The final nail in their coffin comes from the brilliant researcher Bart Kamp.

A new document was discovered in 2019 by researcher Bart Kamp that shows Lee’s boss, Roy Truly and motorcycle policeman Marrion Baker, aided by the Dallas Police, Bill Shelly (Lee’s immediate boss), and FBI agent James Hosty, among others, changed their testimonies, hid, rewrote and altered statements made by Lee Oswald, and conspired to place him on the Texas School Book Depository Building (TSBD)’s 2nd floor lunchroom, where he was supposedly seen drinking a coke.

Now Kamp has compiled a brilliant study that shows us again and again how Lee was framed.

Kamp’s study is so thorough that only a moron could conclude that Lee Oswald was there. Kamp’s entire study is complex, lengthy and thorough, leaving no stone unturned. 



Duncan MacRae again on June 29th 2019.

Bart Kamp is actually a fantastic researcher, and without a doubt, he is one of, if not, the best researcher currently operating in the JFK research community. 
Apart from some sporadic mutually observed unofficial and unacknowledged harmless and mostly tongue in cheek uncomplimentary banter back and forth between him and I, I have absolutely no problem with him. He doesn’t bore people with perpetual and repetitive blurb that could almost lead the reader to the point of losing the will to live. 
He just gets on with it, presents his research with great precision, presenting and posting the documents and images that are being referred to, and that’s exactly how it should be. Although I disagree with his conclusions, I admire his honesty, his persistence and his patience in his relentless search for his truth.


Duncan MacRae in his reply to über troll Brian Doyle Aug 11th 2018

Much as I disagree with Kamp’s conclusions, his fact finding research abilities at digging out important verifiable facts is exceptional. 
Liking or not liking someone, or what someone else thinks, has absolutely nothing to do with their research ability. 
You spend too much time here mouthing off, moaning and whinging about, “Kamp did this” “DiEugenio did that” Nobody here gives a flying xxxx? 
Instead of infesting this Forum with your constant moaning and say nothing posts with no photographic analysis content included, ie, the basis of all of your claims, why don’t you try to produce and present in the superb and professional manner that real researcher Bart Kamp does. 
Kamp is the superior fact finding researcher.


Steve Poritzky Feb 14th 2018.

I don’t know about Brian Doyle, and Debra Conway. but I do know that after years of studying the assassination, I thought I knew it all. that was until I started reading posts by Bart Kamp that led me to his “prayer man” website. there I was treated to some first rate research that opened my eyes to a vast new area of understanding about the so called “lunchroom encounter” and the possible position of Oswald on the front steps of the TSBD during the shooting. In short, Mr Kamp has been presenting astonishing evidence that Oswald may have indeed been the “prayer man” in the photo!! which, of course could turn the whole case against Oswald on it’s head once and for all. I don’t know what the actions of these people are, causing Mr Kamp to feel he has to return his awards, but from my experience of reading his website, he certainly has my vote of confidence. and I do look forward to reading more of Mr Kamp’s fine, and ground breaking research! as I’m sure Mr Kamp would agree, that more important than awards is the search for the truth, and the appreciation for those who are working hard to help uncover it. I’m sure that would be an award that Bart Kamp would certainly be entitled to. fight the good fight Bart!!!


Phil Dragoo Feb. 13 2018.

Flat earth Kamp insists the second floor encounter is an elaborate hoax.


Greg Burnham Feb. 11 2018.

The “Prayer Man” nonsense is being promoted by yet another snake oil salesman, Bart Kamp. He and Ralph “the fraud” Cinque should get a hotel room. I am so disgusted with these intellectually dishonest charlatans that I vigilantly avoid anything and everything with which they are involved.


Jim DiEugenio April 2017.

Last year at the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, Bart Kamp was awarded the New Frontier award. The citation stated that his work in reexamining the second floor encounter of Oswald with Texas School Book Depository foreman Roy Truly and motorcycle officer Marrion Baker utilized “a broad array of new data, including documents and statements of the participants and a variety of TSBD witnesses.” We agreed with this award and the description of the achievement. The second floor lunch encounter is a thread-worn shibboleth of the Warren Report that – like Oswald’s mail order rifle – the first generation of critics simply passed on; the notable exception being Harold Weisberg in his book Whitewash II. In Reclaiming Parkland, I began to question it, largely based on Marrion Baker’s first day affidavit, where the officer does not even mention the episode – or Oswald or Truly.  Even though, as he wrote the affidavit, Oswald was sitting across from him in the rather small witness room. In other words, after he had just stuck a gun in his stomach, Baker didn’t recognize him.

But Bart Kamp goes much further than that in his analysis. We are presenting a small part of that long essay here, with a link to the longer version at the admirable group Dealey Plaza UK. The new revised version of the essay, from which this part is adapted, will be posted there soon and we will link to it then. This is the kind of work, daring and original, questioning accepted paradigms with new and provocative evidence, that stands for.


JFK Lancer Nov 2016.

“Bart’s work in re-examining the official story of the encounter with Lee Oswald Texas School Book Depository building second floor has brought forward a broad array of new data, including documents and statements of the participants and a variety of TSBD witnesses.”


Brian Doyle.

“Kamp is a liar.”

“Kamp finding Craig mis-identifying himself at the Police Station equates to Prayer Man being Oswald and the 2nd Floor Lunch Room Encounter never happening…”

“What a pathetically weak hand Kamp shows in public that you have to prove and notarize everything before he’ll believe it…What Bart is really saying is he is an uncredible researcher who will desperately cling to already disproven claims until forced off them..”

“Kamp always uses blurry images…I don’t know if it because he has trouble replicating images, but I suspect it is because he is purposefully obscuring evidence that works against him..”

“Larry Hancock is obviously a Prayer Man bunny in bed with the quack he gave the Lancer award to.”