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L.N.D. Wells Jnr


L.N.D. Wells Jnr

L.N.D. Wells Jnr, also known as Nat Wells, was partnered with Otto Mullinax at Mullinax Wells, which was established in 1947 in Dallas, Texas, as a general law practice. It also served as general counsel to the Texas State Federation of Labor. A lot of their cases involved labor unions and/or labor union members vs. corporations, cases which challenged state anti-labor legislation, and cases which questioned the application of federal labor laws.

Wells Jnr was also involved with the ACLU as we can see in this document from MFF below.

The document above explains why Wells Jnr was one of the four lawyers who tried to get access to Lee Harvey Oswald in the evening of Nov 22nd. Something they did not manage to do, they got to speak to Captain Glenn King instead. Wells along with Grier Raggio and Otto Mullinax left shortly after. Of that quartet only Greg Olds stayed behind and follow Lee Harvey Oswald’s press conference.


LND Wells (second from left) in a group shot of various labor lawyers.




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