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Ruth Dean


Ruth Dean stood next to Maddie Reese and in front of Otis Williams and was captured in the Wiegman and Darnell films and also partially in Altgens 6, in the latter image she is mostly obscured by the Secret Service Agent Jack Ready with Paul Landis behind him.

HSCA enlargement Altgens 6 of Ruth Dean


Ruth Dean on the front steps in Wiegman

Ruth Dean (dressed in black with black hat) on the front steps in Wiegman


Ruth Dean in the Darnell film

Ruth Dean in the Darnell film

The best image however was captured by Jim Murray and only recently, thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini  and the ROKC scan below was Ruth Dean identified, up till the end of 2015 it was assumed that the lady in black was Sarah Stanton.

Ruth Dean in the black outfit and hat next to Madeleine Reese


Ruth Dean irom Larry Sneed's No More Silence.

Ruth Dean from Larry Sneed’s No More Silence.




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