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Carl Edward Jones


Carl Edward Jones is the guy we all know from Altgens 6, looking straight ahead instead of following the motorcade down Elm. Before people start crying “that is very suspicious”, they ought to understand that the limo went down a slope on Elm St., and unless you had a higher p.o.v. there was not much to see. Billy Lovelady i/e  moved upwards the TSBD front steps while this happened and got a slightly better view.

Carl Edward Jones has been mistaken as Roy Edward Lewis by quite a few researchers, his affidavits did not help much, but Lewis stood just inside the TSBD in the vestibule, and was later on recognised in many of the aftermath photographs standing alongside Jones.

Carl Edward Jones in Altgens 6

He is also recorded in the Wiegman film.


A still from that sequence.

Carl Edward Jones in the Dave Wiegman film. Click to enlarge

In the Couch and Darnell films, roughly 20 odd seconds after the shooting has finished, he is seen walking towards the traffic sign and raises himself up to get a better view down Elm St.


And here is a still from that film.

And afterwards Carl Edward Jones is seen standing on the steps of the TSBD and is captured by William Allen, Jim Murray and also Willis 8.

Front steps TSBD. Pic. William Allen, click to enlarge.

Carl Edward Jones standing on the front steps of the TSBD next to Roy Edward Lewis in Willis 8.

Carl Edward Jones and Roy Edward Lewis on the front steps of the TSBD in Willis 8. ROKC Scan of the Richard Bernabei archive at Kingston Uni. Click to open larger version.