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Carol Ann Reed.


Carol Ann Reed (maiden name: Smith) worked on the 2nd floor alongside Gloria Calvery in room 203. She was 19 at that time.

Thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini for sourcing the pix.

Carol Smith a.k.a. Carol Ann Reed HS photo. Source


Carol Smith aka Carol Ann Reed. Click pic to enlarge.



Carol Ann Reed, Southwestern Publishing in the Texas School Book Depository. From Mary Ferrell.

The significance of Reed is that she was part of the same group that includes Gloria Calvery, Karan Hicks and Karen Westbrook. We know this due to her statement in March 1964 for the F.B.I., also known as CE 1381.

CE1381 Carol Ann Reed, from Mary Ferrell.

After Linda provided me with some new info, I managed to find her current photos.