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Sarah Stanton.


Apparently present on the landing near the door, but she is not noticed anywhere in Wiegman, but in Darnell, about 15 seconds after the shooting curiosity got the better of her and she moved down a few steps East to get a better look down Elm.

Buell Frazier mentions her in his testimony for the W.C. as a heavyset short lady.

Sarah Stanton. With thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini.

Sarah Stanton, with thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini.


There is a major issue with Stanton’s Nov. 23rd FBI statement which was used by the Warren Commission (see below).

In it she states that she went up immediately up to the second floor office via the front elevator. If she had done so then she would have run into either Geneva Hine, Mrs R. Reid and Lee Oswald or all three of them of course.

Stanton is noticed by Geneva Hine entering the office as part of a large group which includes Ochus Campbell, Martha Reid, Otis Williams, Mrs Robert Reid and Joe Molina. Molina testified in front of the HSCA that he witnessed Forest Sorrels entering the TSBD and demand that the building be sealed. Sorrels did not show till at least 20 if not 25 minutes after the assassination.

wcd_0089a-FBI REPORT November 23, 1963.


WH_Vol22_0353a-FBI STATEMENT March 18 1964


Buell Wesley Frazier also confirms in some videos that Sarah Stanton was standing to his left, as per her own statement on the East side of the steps along with Pauline Sanders.

At 18:25.


At 53:14, Gary Mack specifically asks him, to his right or left and he points and says left!

At 06:02, Frazier who uses both his hands indicates only with his left hand outwards, so she was standing next to him to his left!


At 53:00 in the Gary Mack interview of Buell Frazier he refers to a lady (most likely Stanton, standing to his left, meaning East on the top of the steps.

Andrej Stancack transcribed the most important parts of the Brian Doyle interview with Wanda and Rose, grand kids of Sarah Stanton.

00:25 Sarah Stanton talked about the assassination with members of her family, it was always the same story.
01:21: Sarah stood on the front steps during the shooting and she left the doorway immediately after the shooting to get a better view.
01:26: Lee Oswald was drinking a soda when he was seen by Sarah.
01:36: Sarah Stanton was a very big woman.
02:08: Sarah Stanton saw Lee Oswald on stairs. She asked if she was going down, and he said he is going upstairs.
02:32: “No, I am going upstairs” “I came down to get the soda and I am going back … to the room where he was working”
03:12: Sarah saw Lee Oswald holding a soda in his hand.
04:26: Lee got the soda from the machine there.
05:03: Sarah said Lee was going to eat and he just came to get a soda.
05:48: Sarah asked if Lee was going to have lunch. He said: “No, I am going back to my room.”
06:09: “The reason … She wanna to talk to him because he was a very quiet person… and he was not going to… to have a conversation with nobody”.
06:23: “So, she said he never talked, so she asked him if he was going out to lunch. And he said, “No, just a soda”. 
07:19: Sarah went down because President was already coming but he was not there yet. So she went to prepare herself and be on the stairs where she met Oswald. (This points to a front stairs encounter and not back stairs as claimed by Doyle)
08:15: “He went upstairs”.
08:35: When asked if Sarah spoke to the FBI, the answer was “I dont’ think so”. Wanda explains: “She did not wanna speak. And we don’t know her reasons for it… but she did not want to speak to anybody, and they were harassing her…. not harassing her, but any calls or I don’t know they were coming over and trying to get information … she really did not want to say anything, she did not want to be bothered.”
09:50: The ladies could not confirm that Sarah spoke to the FBI.
09:59: Lee Oswald was a very quiet person, did not speak to anybody.
11:41: “We would not know what she told them” (the FBI).
12:23: Confirmed that Sarah was Prayer Man because of the body shape.
12:28: Oswald went up before the motorcade came through.
13:58: When asked to confirm that Sarah had the same characteristics as Prayer Man, both women confirmed.
14:07: Confirmed that Sarah was about 5’5”.
14:37: Sarah could also be 5’6”.
14:49: Sarah herself said she was 5’4” – 5’6”.
15:00: Agreed that their conclusion that Sarah was Prayer Man was owing to Sarah being taller than other doorway occupants.
15:36: Sarah weighed at least 300 pounds. She was over 300 pounds.
16:11: Sarah was big at the bottom and her hips, less so at her top. Her arms were big.
16:30: The picture with Sarah and her son Larry is not exactly from 1963 because Sarah was even bigger at that time than when she was photographed with Larry.
17:28: The colour of Sarah’s hair was grey in 1963. 
18:41: Not remembered that Sarah would be ever dying her hair.
19:09: Maybe Sarah had a wig (laughing).
21:26: Did not agree that the face seen in Davidson’s enhancement of Wiegman frame was Sarah’s face.
22:20: Sarah was looking at the street, not in a purse.
22:30: The ladies think that Prayer Man was a woman.
22:48: Larry was tall over 6 feet.
23:29: Larry was 6’1”.

Oswald had his ‘Coke’ for his lunch, just like the Bookhout/Hosty report stated.

Stanton was heavyset, or obese as they say during the interview.