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Sarah Stanton.


Sarah Stanton is another enigma. Apparently present on the landing near the door, but she is not noticed anywhere in Wiegman or Darnell’s captures of the front steps of the TSBD.

Buell Frazier mentions her in his testimony for the W.C. as a heavyset short lady.

There is a major issue with Stanton’s Nov. 23rd FBI statement which was used by the Warren Commission (see below).

In it she states that she went up immediately up to the second floor office via the front elevator. If she had done so then she would have run into either Geneva Hine, Mrs R. Reid and Lee Oswald or all three of them of course.

Stanton is noticed by Geneva Hine entering the office as part of a large group which includes Ochus Campbell, Martha Reid, Otis Williams, Mrs Robert Reid and Joe Molina. Molina testified in front of the HSCA that he witnessed Forest Sorrels entering the TSBD and demand that the building be sealed. Sorrels did not show till at least 20 if not 25 minutes after the assassination.

wcd_0089a-FBI REPORT November 23, 1963.


WH_Vol22_0353a-FBI STATEMENT March 18 1964