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Nat Pinkston


Nat Pinkston, was a special agent for the Dallas F.B.I. for more than 20 odd years when the assassination of J.F.K. happened. In the W.C. report he is mistakenly referred to as a T.S.B.D. worker, and this has not gone unnoticed to the F.B.I. either.

Pinkston was inside the T.S.B.D. on the 6th floor at 16:30 according to a report by him on the day after Nov 23 1963.

He was heavily involved in taking statements of T.S.B.D. workers that day and after. Especially Roy Truly on multiple times since Nov 22nd 1963.

During his Warren Commission interview not much is brought up about these interviews, which is rather strange. Pinkston is sent by a supervising agent whose name is not disclosed to go to the T.S.B.D. and to investigate, what exactly is to be investigated gets no mention either. The only thing that is discussed is the “find” of a clipboard on Dec 2nd 1963 allegedly belonging to Oswald and where three orders are mentioned. Franklin Kaiser is the one responsible who found this particular clipboard ten days after the assassination. Think about it many people walking around that 6th floor investigating and searching and not noticing it. A suspicious person would describe this type of find ten days(!) after the fact highly suspicious.

The other thing that does not really rhyme is that Pinkston went there to talk with Roy Truly but again there is no further elaboration on this at all during his WC testimony. I get the feeling that this interview is heavily edited, especially due to its short length.

From: DMN Archives. Thanks to Steve Roe.


Nat Pinkston  took a statement of Roy Truly on Nov 22nd 1963. Pinkston can be seen as the co-creator of the Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter fakery. In this document below it shows that Pinkston is aware of Oswald’s statement that the only rifles he saw in the building were two days prior when Warren Caster popped round and showed the hardware to Roy Truly and others. This matter was discussed during the first interrogation of Lee Harvey Oswald.

What was also discussed is that Oswald got a coke for his lunch, and not after, but that got twisted somehow with the fairy tale below.

Nat Pinkston Nov 22 1963 FBI Report. Click to enlarge.

The so called ‘fact’ that Oswald was the only one missing from the TSBD is hogwash as well. Charles Douglas Givens was missing too and so were employees from the publishing companies that resided inside the TSBD. Some of them did not return until 2 PM or did not show up back inside at all and had gone home. I mean why would it have to be a TSBD employee doing the shooting? Furthermore the Revill List shows that Oswald was the first employee to leave the TSBD after leaving his details with the Elsbeth address which he had on his library card that was called out inside the car that took him to the DPD after his arrest in the Texas Theater. This document is a total fix and contradicts the joint Hosty & Bookhout report a few hours later already.

Afterwards Pinkston is mentioned in Assignment Oswald by James Hosty that he has placed a wiretap underneath the house of Marina Oswald.

From an interview with Nat Pinkston in 2007.

Pinkston: Well, the manager of the School Book Depository was a fellow named Friendly (he means Truly-B.K.). And I interviewed him at length and I also interviewed quite a few of the employees. The Agents interviewed every employee of the School Book Depository. And we were able to prove where everybody was except Oswald. Every employee was with other employees and their location was definite with reputable witnesses to prove it.

Hollstein: Um-hmm. Yeah, ‘cause you couldn’t be sure that they weren’t part of it; or somebody wasn’t part of it anyway.

Pinkston: But we had substantiated witnesses of every employee of the School Book Depository, except Oswald.

Hollstein: Uh-hmm. Well, it was very thorough.

Pinkston: And also a few days after the investigation, and after Oswald was killed, one of the employees of the School Book Depository called me and told me that he had found Oswald’s clipboard, which contained all of the orders that Oswald was supposed to be filling on the morning that he killed Kennedy.

Hollstein: Oh. What do you know?

Pinkston: It had been thrown on the floor close to where the gun was. Now, all of the employees there used homemade clipboards. And each employee had made his own. And all of these
employees said that they could look at this of Oswald’s and swear that it was Oswald’s clipboard. Now the orders on the clipboard were to be filled on the sixth floor on that day. He was the only one who had orders for the sixth floor.

Hollstein: So he was all alone up there.

Pinkston: Yeah.

Hollstein: Um-hmm.

Pinkston: He was the only one up there and the only one that had any business up there.

Hollstein: Quite a time and we’re still reeling from it. And still plenty of theories and people thinking it over, but it seems to have quieted down now. You don’t hear so much about it.

Pinkston: Well, there’s still a lot of comment about it.

Hollstein: Yeah. Yeah. But most of the, you know, the fringe people have been fairly well, you know, people have decided the fringe people aren’t right.

Pinkston: Yeah.

Hollstein: You know, with all of the conspiracy theories and what have you. So, hopefully it’ll go away.


Nat Pinkston passed away on Sept. 4th 2011.

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