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Geneva Lucile Mosier Hine


Geneva Hine 1929-30

Geneva Hine High School photo

Geneva Hine’s role is important for the fact that her documentation contradicts Mrs Robert Reid’s testimony that she saw Oswald shortly after the so called second floor lunch room encounter wearing a white T shirt.

  • Geneva Hine knew who Oswald was as he would come for change to her for the coke machine in the building.
  • She thought Oswald was peculiar and had trouble sussing him out.
  • In the FBI affidavit of Nov 23rd Geneva Hine is quoted that she was alone in the office between 12:25 pm and 12:35 pm.
  • In that very statement at the very end it says: ”In conclusion, Mrs. Hine advised that she saw Lee Harvey Oswald almost every day at work, however, she did not see him at all on November 22nd 1963.
  • She stated that when the motorcade arrived the power went off and the phone went “dead”
  • Her Warren Commission testimony puts an ever deeper dent into Mrs Robert Reid’s story.

Mr. BALL. When you came back in did you see Mrs. Reid?
Miss HINE. No, sir; I don’t believe there was a soul in the office when I came back in right then.
Mr. BALL. Did you see anybody else go in through there?
Miss HINE. No, sir; after I answered the telephone then there was about four or five people that came in.
Mr. BALL. Was there anybody in that room when you came back in and went to the telephone?
Miss HINE. No, sir; not to my knowledge.
Mr. BALL. Did you see Mrs. Reid come back in?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir; I think I felt sure that I did. I thought that there were five or six that came in together. I thought she was one of those.
Mr. BALL. Mrs. Reid told us she came in alone and when she came in she didn’t see anybody there.
Miss HINE. Well, it could be that she did, sir. I was talking on the phones and then came the policemen and then came the press. Everybody was wanting an outside line and then our vice president came in and he said “The next one that was clear, I have to have it and so I was busy with the phone.
Mr. BALL. From the time you walked into the room you became immediately busy with the phone?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir; sure was.
Mr. BALL. Did you see Oswald come in?
Miss HINE. My back would have been to the door he was supposed to have come in at.
Mr. BALL. Were you facing the door he is supposed to have left by?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. Do you recall seeing him?
Miss HINE. No, sir.
Mr. BALL. Do you have any definite recollection of Mrs. Reid coming in?
Miss HINE. No, sir; I only saw four or five people that came by and they all came and were all talking about how terrible it was.
Mr. BALL. Do you remember their names?
Miss HINE. Yes, sir.
Mr. BALL. Who were they?
Miss HINE. Mr. Williams, Mr. Molina (spelling), Miss Martha Reid, Mrs. Reid, Mrs. Sarah Stanton, and Mr. Campbell; that’s all I recall, sir.

Obviously Geneva Hine did not want to trip Mrs Reid’s testimony up. Imagine two workers with their desks close to each other and one calling the other a liar in Washington, you not only be a pariah in that office it would jeopardise ones future inside that company.  But what is even more interesting is that Molina and Campbell were downstairs for quite some time before they made their way up. Molina testified to the HSCA he saw Forrest Sorrels of the Secret Service come in and ask for the building to be sealed, this was about 25 minutes after the shooting.

Geneva Hine passed away in 2002.

Geneva Hine