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George L. Lumpkin.



George L. Lumpkin was the Deputy Chief Of Police. Here is an impressive biography on George Lumpkin (thanks to Tom Hume).

George Lumpkin was born in Youngsville, NC, to Lena Parker and James Soloman Lumpkin on Feb 10, 1918. George eventually made Louisburg, NC his home. He was a member of the NC National Guard from July 8, 1937 until July 15, 1940. During the spring and summer of 1941, George attended ground school at NC State and attended pilot training at Serv-Air, Inc at Raleigh Municipal Airport.
George started his active duty military career on July 7, 1941 in Atlanta, GA, when he enlisted in the US Navy Reserve. He continued his aviation training at bases at Jacksonville, FL; Miami, FL and San Diego, CA. On May 17, 1942, George was sent to Pearl Harbor, HI when he was assigned to the USS Kittyhawk. This proved to be the start of his military flying career which sent him out to Midway Island in May 1942. What George probably didn’t realize at the time that he arrived at Midway was that his first flying mission was going to be for the movie, “Battle of Midway”. John Ford and Jack Mackenzie arrived at Midway Island on May 29, 1942, and started filming around the island for the movie. George was part of a training flight that took off that John and Jack
filmed and used for the takeoff sequence in the movie. George was flying SB2U-3 #2 in the movie. Second Lieutenant George Lumpkin had arrived at Midway Island on May 27, 1942 and the Island was attacked by the Japanese on June 4, 1942.
On December 6, 1942, George Lumpkin joined the USS Wright on his way to Espiritu Santo, New Herbrides Island enroute to Herderson Field, Guadalcanal Island, Soloman Islands. He arrived at the Soloman Islands on December 25, 1942. George participated in 15 bombing dives and credited with one “kill” through February 2, 1943 and 20 more bombing dives through March 31. Before returning to the United States, George participated in 25 more bombing dives through August 31, 1943. He returned to San Francisco, CA on November 19, 1943. While in the US, George Lumpkin served at El Toro, CA; Cherry Point MCAS, NC; AAF Bogue Field, NC; AAF Oak Grove, New Bern, NC (which he served as the Executive Officer and eventually Commanding Officer); and eventually to Miramar, CA. During this time, on Mary 19, 1944, George Lumpkin became a member of the Army and Navy Legion of Valor.
George Lumpkin was sent to Moret Air Field, Zamboanga, Mindanao, Philippine Islands on June 5, 1945. He was there when the Japanese surrendered on September 2, 1945. George returned to the San Francisco, CA, on September 6 before being transferred back to El Toro, CA on September 20, 1945. He married his wife, Marjorie Jane Riordan in September 1945. On May 26, 1946, George Lumpkin was relieved from Active Duty status and assigned to the Aviation Unit, Sixth Reserve District. He also served with the Aviation Unit, Eleventh Reserve District, attended Air Command and Staff School at Air University at Maxwell Air Force Base, Alabama, and temporary duty with the Tactical Air Demonstration at Greenville, SC before being relieved from active
duty a second and final time on April 29, 1949. On May 1, 1958, George Lumpkin was promoted to Lieutenant Colonel on the Retired Reserve List for “Having been specially commended for your performance of duty in actual combat.”

George L. Lumpkin was an assistant chief of police. He enters “my world” when he is seen escorting Will Fritz into the Texas School Book Depository, and I have seen footage where Fritz is going up the steps and Lumpkin stays down and looks towards Houston and motions someone to come down.


He is seen outside the T.S.B.D. quite a bit.

Chief Lumpkin on the left. Possibly Forrest Sorrels of the Secret Service with the grey suit, hat and glasses. Click pic to enlarge.

Lumpkin’s tole inside the T.S.B.D. is described in Charles Batchelor’s report below.


/Report bu Charles Batchelor, click pic. to enlarge.

/Report bu Charles Batchelor, click pic. to enlarge.



Then he is also noticed in the evening while Oswald is being escorted through the third floor corridor of City Hall. And I presume this is when Oswald is on his way to his Press Conference.

From L to R: T.L. Baker, Hank Moore, Richard Sims, Lee Oswald, Elmer Boyd, Jim Leavelle and George Lumpkin.


George Lumpkin just above Oswald.


Thanks to Steve Thomas.


Lumpkin in the D.M.N. 1969. Thanks to Steve Roe.