Business as usual or meet the lone gunman(UA-66627984-1)

Avery Davis.


Avery Davis. Courtesy of T.L. Brasfield. With thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini.

Avery Davis ( a.k.a. Mrs Charles Davis) claimed she stood on the steps with Judy McCully to her left. There is just one problem. She has never been identified nor did any fellow employees acknowledge her presence there. Not until Judyth McCully’s second statement to Walter E Potts that is. That document is dated the same as the Bill Senkel document of Davis.

CD7 FBI Gemberling Report of 10 Dec 1963

CD7 FBI Gemberling Report of 10 Dec 1963

Typed statement Avery Davis Feb 18 1964

FBI Statement Avery Davis March 20, 1964. CE 1381