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Grier and Louise Raggio.


Grier Raggio.

Grier Raggio, 2nd from the right. Click to enlarge.


Although Greg Olds did not mention Grier Raggio by name, we do know that he was present when Olds and 3 lawyers made their way to City Hall and tried to meet up with Oswald on Friday evening.



Louise Raggio.

Ms. Raggio was class valedictorian at Austin High School. Four years later, in 1939, she graduated magna cum laude from the University of Texas at Austin, with a bachelor’s degree and a teacher’s certificate.

But before becoming a classroom teacher, Ms. Raggio took a nine-month Rockefeller fellowship in public administration at American University in Washington, where she met her idol, Eleanor Roosevelt.

She met the first lady at a dinner in the White House family quarters. “She took care of us like her own kids,” Ms. Raggio once said. “She became absolutely my heroine.”

In 1941, while on the fellowship, she met and married Grier Raggio. Mr. Raggio, who also was a lawyer, died in 1988.

Judge Hughes had been pressing Dallas County District Attorney Henry Wade to hire a woman as an assistant district attorney in 1954.

Ms. Raggio once won a criminal case with an all-woman jury in Dallas County. The verdict made news all over Texas because women had only recently been allowed to sit on juries. She attended the Southern Methodist University School of Law, she was the only woman in her law school class. Later, she was the first female criminal assistant district attorney in Dallas County and was the first woman to be elected as a director of the State Bar of Texas.


Compiled by Ed Ledoux and Bart kamp