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Jesse Curry


Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry answered reporters question inside the station.

On the encounter his remarks prove to be very insightful:

At 5:25
Reporter: Could you detail for us what lead you to Oswald?

Chief Curry: Not exactly except uh in the building we uh, when we uh went to the building, why, he was observed in the building at the time but the manager told us that he worked there and the officers passed him on up then because the manager said he was an employee . . .”


At 6:41
Reporter: Did you say chief that a policeman had seen him in the building?

Chief Curry: Yes


Reporter: After the shot was fired?

Chief Curry: Yes

Reporter: uh why didn’t he uh arrest him then?

Chief Curry: Because the manager of the place told us that he was an employee, ‘said he’s alright he’s an employee.”

Reporter: Did he look suspicious to the policeman at this point?

Chief Curry: I imagine the policeman was checking everyone he saw as he went into the building.

At 10:42:
Reporter: And you have the witness who places him there after the time of the shooting.

Chief Curry: My police officer can place him there after the shooting.

Reporter: Your officer wanted to stop him and then was told by the manager that he worked there.

Chief Curry: Yes.




The article below and his HSCA interview reveal plenty of the relation between Curry, while heading the DPD, and the FBI in conjunction with the assassination.

Spokane Daily Chronicle Sept 28 1964.