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Prayer Man in a nutshell.


Prayer Man is about a male individual noticed in the Darnell and Wiegman films during and just after the shots were fired in Dealey Plaza , Dallas Texas on November 22nd 1963.

Prayer Man in Weigman.

Prayer Man in Wiegman.


Prayer Man in Darnell-

Prayer Man in Darnell.

This Prayer Man figure is in the shadowy part on the west side on the front steps of the TSBD in Dallas when President JFK got shot and right after.


We are after the identity of Prayer Man (a term coined by Sean Murphy in 2007), I and my fellow compadres at ROKC think it is Lee Harvey Oswald.

Two reasons:

1/His features resemble Oswald

pm stan dane-

Prayer Man – Oswald comparison by Stan Dane.

2/The evidence points that Oswald was on the 1st floor (on top of the steps is the 1st fl. btw) during and just after the shooting of JFK. This will need a more detailed research by the reader. Start with Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter. And follow that up with Anatomy of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Interrogations. Just by reading these two papers alone a larger picture is presented and that is an image of many contradictions, sloppy police work and above all quite a lot of lying.

Have a good look at the photographs, bear in mind this was the 60’s. Look at what type of outfit he is wearing and what he is supposedly doing, I myself think he is drinking in Weigman and reaching for his chest pocket in Darnell. Some think he is taking a picture in Weigman, even so we are curious who this is, so how do we find out?Compare_PM_Images

Either this is a complete stranger which no one noticed since not one of the TSBD who were on or near the steps, attested to seeing any strangers in the building or on the front steps during and just after the shooting.


Or this is an employee of the TSBD? Most likely so given his position on the top steps in the corner in the shadow. Let’s apply common sense here, especially those that have worked in an office before know that if some high-end dignitary was to pass by your office then a group of those office workers would be standing near or in front of the entrance of their office building, you think that someone would sneak in from behind or barge his way through a group of people to stand in a shadowy corner without being noticed? I for one seriously doubt that.

Every employee working inside the TSBD and their whereabouts during and just after the shooting is listed below.

If we use the following factors for deduction.

Take away all the females (RED), then rule out the African Americans and Latinos (BLUE), and finally deduct the ones that as per witness testimony were not working or were nowhere near the TSBD during and just after the shooting of JFK (BLACK). The people that stated they stood either on the steps or just in front of the T.S.B.D. are in BOLD. With the the males being marked in BOLD YELLOW

TSBD emploee list

This eventually leaves 8 male candidates for Prayer Man:

Lee Harvey Oswald – order filler TSBD.

Bill Shelly – supervisor TSBD.

Billy Lovelady – stock clerk TSBD

Roy Truly (was on front steps but moved towards street level when  motorcade passed by with Ochus Campbell) – superintendent TSBD.

Otis Wiliams –  bookkeeping supervisor TSBD.

Joe Molina – credit manager at TSBD.

Ochus Campbell (was on front steps but moved towards street level when  motorcade passed by with Roy Truly) – president of the TSBD.

Buell Wesley Frazier – order filler TSBD.


From these candidates five are office workers and three are classed as labourers. This is of significance, as mentioned earlier: the clothes Prayer Man is wearing.

PM 5

It’s HIM by: Stan Dane

His attire is not of an office worker or manager, it looks like a labourer’s outfit, this does not look like smart work clothing at all. Even in today’s environment office workers wear a much smarter dress than labourers, imagine 50 years ago in Texas, I reckon that division to be held up even more strict.

Have a good look at Lee Harvey Oswald’s shirt that he was wearing at the time of his arrest. To compare his shirt with Prayer Man’s shirt would mean he did not go to his landlady’s house, nor take the bus, nor take a cab.  Plus why change your shirt and not that dirty t-shirt he was arrested in?

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From these three individuals two have been identified and both are in the same shot with Prayer Man, they are Buell Wesley Frazier (in Darnell on top of the stairs) and Billy Lovelady (in Weigman centre stairs a few steps down from the top) so they are ruled out.

That leaves only one person for Prayer Man to be: Lee Harvey Oswald.

No one noticed a stranger at that time, nor did anyone claim to see Lee Harvey Oswald out front as well. Well almost…. Carolyn Arnold left the building at 12:15/25 pm to watch the parade and while she was standing outside the building she saw a glimpse of Lee Harvey Oswald on the first floor “standing between the front door and the double doors leading to the warehouse”, her testimony obviously was ignored by the Warren Commission.

Who saw who on or near those steps of the TSBD? Click on the graphic to see a larger image. Again the names in green stated they did not see any stranger(s) at that time.

Click pic to enlarge.


This poses a tiny dilemma and requires a much deeper look into the witness testimony for the reader to draw the following conclusions:

  • The second floor encounter between officer Marrion L. Baker, Roy S. Truly and Lee Harvey Oswald never happened.
  • Oswald was on the first floor just before the shooting in the Domino room and on the front steps just after the shooting (literally by a few seconds as seen in Weigman). I cannot state he was visible just before or during since there is no photographic evidence to support this.

One last thing, I am not a writer, perhaps a non-writer at best. The reason I felt compelled to do this particular subject was because the answer is right there and if there is one thing that could throw this case wide open then it’s this! Not Zapruder fakery, not the ballistic tests, not the powder marks nor the autopsy. The photographic evidence in combination with the witness testimonies proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Prayer Man is Lee Harvey Oswald.

So why not ask the company that owns the films get high resolution scans made of about 5 seconds of footage of two films and end this here and now!

Dear NBC


Thank you.

Bart Kamp