Business as usual or meet the lone gunman(UA-66627984-1)

H.H. Davis.


H.H. Davis, has been mistaken for George W. Bush for decades, and anno 2018 anyone trying to sell this lemon to the public, is in need for a check-up.

Steve Roe originally ID-ed him.

With the media below there is plenty to show that this is H.H. Davis, an investigator for the Dallas D.A.

So far I have only seen him in front of the T.S.B.D. and the Ruby Trial, but not inside the D.P.D.

Thanks to Jessica Shores and Denis Morissette for some of the pix in the first gallery of shots below.

And here are some more screen shots I took of a video of Larry Florer’s arrest. Davis on the left and seen interacting with him.