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Jack Ruby

September 2017 Links

Government claims ‘full’ release of all JFK files – but documents on Lee Harvey Oswald are missing.

Two Top Republicans to Call for Full JFK Disclosure.


Kennedy buffs still looking for answers in Dallas more than 50 years later.



Cyril Wecht is right about Warren Commission’s false conclusions.

‘No evidence’ reporter investigating JFK assassination was murdered.

White House Intern Reveals Her Steamy Affair With JFK.



The Shame of Medicine: The Case of General Edwin Walker. From 2009.

A CIA Tutorial: How to Avoid Providing Files.

JFK vs. the Military.


The transcript of the above interview can be read HERE.


Barry Seal, the Dallas get-away plane, and the JFK assassination.


List of JFK Assassination Records Missing from the Archives.



The Dark Side of William F. Buckley, Jr.

14 boxes of Jack Ruby records become public next week.

January 2017 links

Jackie: behind the creation of JFK, America’s once and future king.


Was Lee Harvey Oswald’s killer Jack Ruby injected with cancer to stop him revealing who really shot JFK?

Afterwards – Ultra Right Part 1 by Larry Hancock.

50 Years from that fateful day in Dallas.

The Tippit shooting by Gary Murr.

The Law and Henry Wade.

Manhattan DA’s Office probing death of reporter with possible JFK ties.


The update to the Anatomy of the 2nd floor lunch room encounter, will be out some point in Feb. I have made some good progress and the article is 25 odd pages longer. The interrogations essay is making progress as well, it is about 100 pages already. I just keep finding stuff…..

However due to work commitments it means that everything is going to take longer. I have to spend my time more carefully so the first movie won’t be in the bag until April/May. Which is also the time the interrogations essay will be coming out.

I will be at the DPUK Conference in Canterbury end of April and will be involved in some shape or form, but will not give a talk, much to the surprise of the gathered bunch of members at the AGM in the Flying Horse pub on Jan 21st. I simply have too much going on and have to fight them battles more carefully…….


September 2016 links

Woody Harrelson: My father, the contract killer.

New footage of JFK in Ireland is revealed in film archive.

Did Frank Sinatra Kill JFK?


Tom Alyea interview from 2013.

DPD police officers HSCA testimony by Denis Morissette.


JFK: The Events of November 22, 1963 video with Buell Frazier and others.

The Washington Post

I managed to buy a set of front sections of the Washington Post Nov 23rd up to and including Nov 29th.

Then had these sent to Terry Martin who scanned the pages in for me by making  scans of each quarter page, and from whereon I stitched them back together as the scans would allow me to. I think I did an alright job.

I am only showing mostly Oswald related stuff.

All ROKC scans by Terry Martin.

The large pages are fairly big, click on the image to see full size scan.


Nov 23rd.


Love that highlighted bit above!


Nov 24th

moorman-page9-wash-post-nov-24 ROKC Scan

washington-post-nov-24-1963-page-1-rokc-scanwashington-post-nov-24-1963-page-7-rokc-scanThe first bit refers to Molina, the second to the encounter. At 12:45?


Nov 25th.




Nov 26th.

washington-post-nov-26-1963-page-6-rokc-scan washinton-post-nov-26-1963-page-16-rokc-scan zapruder-rights-washingtpn-post-nov-26-1963-page-6-rokc-scan


Nov 27th.

spoof-arifle-ad-wash-post-nov-27-1963-rokc-scan washington-post-nov-27-1963 washington-post-nov-27-1963-2


Nov 28th.

washington-post-nov-28-1963-page-3-rokc-scan washington-post-nov-28-1963-page-4-rokc-scan

Nov 29th.



August 2016 Links

Unpublished Gaeton Fonzi Essay.

New film explores Jacqueline Kennedy’s hand in JFK’s legacy.

Mysterious ‘vote JFK’ billboards are popping up in Texas.

Trained to Kill: The Inside Story of the CIA Plots against Castro, Kennedy, and Che. Hardcover – Antonio Veciana’s up and coming book to be released April 4, 2017

Interview with Cecil Stoughton – Nov. 2013.

Hammarskjold and Kennedy vs. The Power Elite.

Abe And Ruby’s Rabbi.

Betrayal: A JFK Honor Guard Speaks. Out on Nov. 1st 2016.

JFK Murder Suspects by Larry Hancock.

‘JFK assassination was an inside job’: Ex-government agent claimed ‘someone from his team’ killed the president in remarkable deathbed confession to director Oliver Stone.

Dinkin Intercept Names JFK Killers – including William Harvey.

A chat with Ian Griggs

Yesterday I met up with Ian Griggs, author of No Case To Answer.

He has been researching this case for decades and he has visited Dallas many many times (he has lost count). A former police officer himself he has dug into the Dallas Police Department more than anyone else. In the DPD section I show a brief summary of how the DPD was organised. This is all thanks to him and his  tenacious efforts in compiling this.

Obviously we discussed mostly Dallas Police related matters, and we went down his memory lane while he showed me around in his house of which one room was a mini museum with his collection, of which I post a few shots down below. I hope to do a proper interview in the near future.

Ian has interviewed quite a few people such as Beverly Oliver, James Tague, Jim Leavelle, Warren Caster to name a few, but his specialty lies with the DPD, of which he is writing another book which hopefully will be published later this year.

Some of our discussions:

  • After his article on Postal Inspector Harry Dean Holmes called The Four Faces Of Harry Dean Holmes, he was contacted by family members of Holmes and they were less than pleased with his assessment. Well they better not look at my page then ;)
  • He has been acquainted with Marina Oswald-Porter on a talk panel and she even bought him a massive plaque  of JFK. He said she asked him if he wanted some thing from an antique shop to which he replied your country is not old enough to have an antiques shop (which is a joke in case you missed it, although it has some truth to it). She went into the shop and bought it for him for about $ 25.00. Some researchers’burned’ Marina Porter, not much later and now she will not talk to anyone, which is a real shame as I and a few other scholars would love to talk to her.

JFK Plaque gifted by Marina Oswald-Porter to Ian Griggs. Pic: Barto.

  • He has tried to contact Harry Olson’s former missus Kay Coleman a few years back, but was warned not to pursue this any further. Kay Coleman remarried and lives in Ca.

Kay Coleman on the right with Jack Ruby.

  • Will Fritz bred horses.
  • The so called recording room right opposite Will Fritz’s Homicide and Robbery Division office, was not wired for sound.

Dallas Police Department Floor plan. Courtesy of No Case To Answer by Ian Griggs


  • Ian Griggs had a decommissioned Mannlicher-Carcano rifle. I had no measuring tape so could not say how long it was, but the rifle was broken apart, so I just held the wooden part of it and I can tell you now that there is no way that rifle could be inside the paper bag since this piece is way too long. I could not cup this underneath my shoulder and inside the palm of my hand.

Holding a Mannlicher-Carcano, which is way too long for cupping it. Pic: Barto


Colony Club flyer signed by Beverly Oliver

Colony Club flyer signed by Beverly Oliver. Pic: Barto


Dallas Police Buckle. Pic. Barto

Dallas Police Buckle. Pic. Barto


Jim Leavelle and RC Graves autographed phoptograph of Ruby shooting Oswald

Jim Leavelle and R.C. Graves autographed photograph of Ruby shooting Oswald.


  • Ian also had a nice collection of newspapers from that period, I produce two here with some interesting bits related to ‘our’ case, I hope to be able to reproduce more in the future.

Kingsport Times Nov 22nd 1963. Pic: Barto


Kingsport News Nov 23rd 1963. Pic Barto


  • Last but not least a time sheet of some major Dallas Police Department Officers from Nov 1963.
Dallas Police Department Time Sheet Nov 1963

Dallas Police Department Time Sheet Nov 1963

I hope to see Ian again at the Dealey Plaza UK Canterbury conference on April 23rd/24th where I will present a Prayer Man talk and also will be doing a Q&A with Malcolm Blunt.

I have also been notified that my chat with Rob Clark of the Lone Gunman Podcast has become the highest listened to show so far, not bad indeed! Thank you Robbo!!!

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