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William James Lowery HSCA testimony.


W.C. testimony Molina

CIA document Lee Oswald’s activities Nov 22-24

Thanks to Malcolm Blunt for handing me this document from the HSCA while at the DPUK Canterbury seminar last April. This CIA document, sadly undated, shows Lee Oswald’s activities from Nov 22nd to the 24th.

The fact that the CIA went through all the witness statements and testimony and put them in chronological order is interesting by itself. There are even two pages with diagrams of who was were.

Interesting indeed.



Dealey Plaza UK Seminar in Canterbury

April 23rd and 24th the Dealey Plaza UK research group held their annual seminar in Canterbury. This was the 14th edition!

Location for its attendees to present their findings was Christchurch University right next to the center. Canterbury itself is a beacon of historic monuments, some of it is a feast for the human eye.



After Stuart Galloway bid everyone welcome it was up to Alaric Rosman to talk about the confusion regarding the rifle. The large projected screen proved to be a major asset for power point presentations.

I followed Alaric with the first half of my Prayer Man talk. In this one hour slot I discussed the films and the ongoing search to obtain better copies of them and also discussed some of the TSBD employees. One hour is not enough to discuss all the details of Lovelady, Shelley, Frazier and some of the others. I could easily fill two hours on them alone!

After that most of us headed for the pub nearby to scoff on fast food and plenty of beers for us to return and for me to discuss part 2 of my talk. This segment dealt with Lee Oswald’s interrogations and the second floor lunch room encounter which went from that to there was no 2nd floor lunchroom encounter to there never was a 2nd floor at the TSBD in the first place! This last remark is a joke obviously but the collection of statements and screw ups by all involved parties destroy this particular fairy tale of nailing Oswald for the assassination.

Straight after that Larry Hancock gave an excellent presentation on National Security Response on Nov 22nd vs other major events. Great talk but staring at just a few pages with text is demanding, a few pix alongside this would make it even more interesting. Sadly Ian Griggs did not feel well enough to hold his talk about the Dallas Police Department, a real shame and I hope he will be able to do this soon at one of the mini seminars this year, I for one look very much forward to this. The man is an authority on this subject and needs to be heard

Closing off was Paul Brown’s talk Fingerprints of Intelligence part 2 (the first installment being shown in 2015). Part 3 to follow next year, I very much look forward to that.

After that we all retreated to our rooms only for us to get together again at Pilgrim’s Hotel for a lush dinner. I had the pleasure to discuss things with Malcolm Blunt who is just a vault of information regarding this case. Everyone was quite tired and most of us went back to our rooms for a well  needed sleep (I got up at 5 and by 11 I was beat…).

The next day started with Barry Keane giving an excellent opening address in memory of JFK, accompanied with a nice set of slides. This was followed by the auction of various JFK related coins, books and films all handled by Mike Dworetsky and Allan Johnson.

Then Greg Parker came on, first with the movie he had prepared for us all to discuss his vols 1 & 2 of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War, after which we got him on the telephone to ask him a few questions regarding Ferrie, CAP, Oswald etc.

Then we had a quick lunch thanks to a delivery of M&S and after that Malcolm Blunt and I sat down for an hour’s long Q&A. To me this was the highlight of the weekend to be confronted with such a wealth of knowledge.

Bill Beadle followed with his talk of presidential assassinations, barely a word about JFK, but no less interesting. Without visuals a bit hard to stay focused on the info being thrown at you but a very good talk nevertheless. Jean Shields ended the seminar with her talk about Friends and Family, a subject that proved to be a welcome distraction.

Overall a really impressive line -up and above all a very amicable atmosphere among attendees and such a ton of information made available regarding this case. I cannot wait for next year’s because I am definitely there!

Thanks to Stuart Galloway who did an amazing job in setting all this up!

Buell Wesley Frazier Part 1

Buell Wesley Frazier, has always been a major person of interest in this case, he allegedly took Lee Harvey Oswald to work that day and let him go with his ‘package’ inside the TSBD. A package not seen by Jack Dougherty when Oswald entered the building.

Charles Douglas Givens asked Buell Wesley Frazier where his rider was when he walked inside the TSBD and I am not going into depth about all that as it is widely discussed at ROKC HERE

Buell Wesley Frazier has been one of the few Texas School Book Depository employees who is alive and still talks about that day in 1963 in Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas. In the last few years he has been more talkative than the years before when he would only go to the 6th Floor Museum or participate in a documentary doing his run one more time in an old car reenacting the ride he had with Lee Oswald that morning.

Buell Wesley Frazier was in for rough treatment from the DPD later that day after he was picked up from the hospital while visiting a sick relative and just before he was about to be arriving at home he was hauled back in. We know that Captain Will Fritz wanted him to sign a confession in being an accomplice, which he refused after Fritz raised his hand to strike at him, why this did not happen is a bit of an enigma and perhaps the Lancer 2015 Conference can give some more answers in Jan. 2016 when the transcirpt and video becomes available.

Here are 4 shots from the Richard E Sprague archive ROKC managed to scan in at NARA

Pic. credit Jim Murray

Larry Hancock made a blogpost about Buell Wesley Frazier’s appearance there, at Lancer. In the comment section at the bottom and I quote “Frazier says that he went out on the steps and was intent on looking out and down, he can identify folks in front of him such as Lovelady but he does not recall ever turning around and looking to his side or behind him so he has no direct recollection of anyone at all standing where PM appears to be located. He can’t make any identification from the photo…which is no big surprise. He also has no idea of whether that person had been there for a time or might have come out when everyone else was on the steps. I did get the impression that the steps filled up with people from the building and that it was unlikely any outsider had pushed through to the top of the steps so whoever it was somebody from inside the building.”

I find this whole scenario hard to swallow, especially when the still grab from the Jimmy Darnell film clearly shows he is looking and possibly interacting with Prayer Man, hell Prayer Man is even looking back. There is no need to deny this,the shot says so.

Prayer Man in Jimmy Darnell film

pm stan dane


Enter Greg Burnham, someone who forbids any discussion of Prayer Man at his forum, but has bought the ad words for it to get top ranking in Google (go figure).

He posts at the Education Forum: “David Mantik told me a few days ago that at this year’s Lancer Conference Buell Wesley Frazier denied that Oswald was anywhere near the front of the TSBD, on the steps, or was Doorman. Frazier is an eyewitness who was there, who knew Oswald, and was in a position to know if LHO was there or not. Frazier was unequivocal about it.” Again this has hardly any bearing whatsoever, why would Frazier admit to it, as that would mean that the jig was up if he admitted to it there and then. Plus why these two all of the sudden put their snouts in the Prayer Man through is questionable as well. Surely trying to grab the glory for the discovery of it all, since I cannot think otherwise as this part of the case has hardly had a mention or one iota of research by them these past few years in any way.