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Captain George Max Doughty

More Jim Murray inside the DPD

Found another batch with some interesting shots taken by Jim Murray. We see Captain George Max Doughty with Oswald’s finger prints, also Buell Wesley Frazier captured from behind while moving through the corridor and we see Jesse Curry of course.  I like the shot with Oswald pleading his innocence to the press core while Elmer Boyd looks into Murray’s lens. I have to say that Murray had a real good sense where to be to get the shots.

I have more, but it looks like I am heading to busy times, so will have to find a slot to do some, whenever that may be. But for now enjoy this set and the previous ones.



Previous sets


Detective J.B. “Johnny” Hicks & Sergeant William E “Pete” Barnes


Detective J.B. “Johnny” Hicks & Sergeant William E “Pete” Barnes, responsible for Oswald’s finger prints (which were taken several times that weekend) and parafin test.

Photos: Jim Murray.

Thanks to Denis Morissette who pointed out that the guy in the hallway holding Oswald’s finger print card is different than William Barnes, and I cannot find his name, not even in That Day In Dallas that describes the shots Jim Murray took inside the DPD. Another mystery added……

Add on April 26th:

Linda Giovanna Zambanini posted recently on Facebook the identity of this mystery person, it is  Captain George Max Doughty who was Head of the Crime Investigation La , he was Det. W.E. “Pete” Barnes’ and Det. “Johnny” Hicks’ superior.

George Max Doughty

George Max Doughty

George Max Doughty as part of the golf team 1934. Source