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Debunking The 2nd Floor Lunchroom Encounter one year later.

Just over a year ago, after 4 attempts! Rob Clark and I managed to do a good chat on the 2nd floor fugezi.

It ended up being the No.1 listened to show with up to this point with 1,049 Plays and 3,967 Downloads. Just over 5,000 listens. This amount was way above the average show ratings and to this day it is the No.1 show being way ahead in front of the No. 2 show. It is just a crying shame the LGP is no more. 

One year on I would have done some things different. The essay was only out by a month and since then it has been updated twice with a lot of extra information.

You can listen to it HERE.

Meanwhile I will try and make a new interactive presentation on video very soon.

By Stan Dane.

Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Interrogations

For those not knowing: I have been in the hospital a lot. I had eleven (!) operations on my foot from June 8th and in that period I was either in a hospital bed or heavily sedated in bed at home. I used this time period mainly to work on the next paper, when I had the clarity and will power to do so. Glad I did spend all that time on it, as it turned out to be much of a bigger mission than originally anticipated. The amount of ‘players’ of various law enforcement agencies involved and the legal side of this subject proved to be daunting tasks to take care of.

Just over 300 pages and filled to the brim with documentation, photographs and links to many videos about the many participants inside the D.P.D. bureau while Lee Oswald was in custody and being interrogated. Originally believed that there was not much around and that this would be the thinnest chapter of the 4, but due to the many people involved its size increased considerably and a picture has manifested itself nevertheless. And that is the main point of this excercise, to show a better overall picture of this particular situation inside the JFK Assassination.

You can download the Anatomy Of Lee Harvey Oswald’s Interrogations paper: HERE.

48 MB big!!


New updates to 2nd floor encounter paper

A second update has been applied to the Anatomy Of The Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter paper. A mirror link of this paper is available at the Dealey Plaza UK Website. It has been made by Bernard Wilds. Many thanks Bernard!!!

I have added
 St. Louis Post Dispatch article from Nov.26 1963 added on page 8.
 Medicine Hat News newspaper article added to “Research history….” page 10.
 Link to newspaper article from The Houston Post (Nov. 23rd) with Billy Lovelady’s remarks added. Page 30.
 Norman Redlich memo (3 pages) discussing the elevators added to “The Stairs and The Elevators” chapter, pages 50-52. Thanks to Malcolm Blunt for this!
 Text added to page 53, in the chapter “Did Truly Walk Ahead Of Baker”, with regards to the
Secret Service agents taking statements of the TSBD employees in early Dec. 1963.
 Also added in the re-enactment chapter I added an article by the Dallas Morning News on page 118.
 FBI re-enactment photo added, from Robin Unger, page 119.
 Document of Thomas J. Kelley added with regards to the Secret Service re-enactment on page 120.
 Set of FBI re-enactment photos added, which I managed to score at the Holland McCoombs collection. Added these, as they are rare and have not been seen before by many. Pages 122-126.
 Photo added of Marrion Baker alongside with fellow DPD officers and John Sherman
Cooper in Wa. Page 129.


Meme by Stan Dane.

The American Media & The Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy – London screening

Dealey Plaza UK meeting at the Flying Horse Saturday August 5th.
We have arranged for a showing of the John Barbour documentary: The American Media & The Second Assassination of John F. Kennedy

Director John Barbour blends archival footage from his 3-hour interview with Jim Garrison as well as video of the Zapruder tape, interviews with witnesses, and clips which show concrete evidence of how the mainstream media mislead the public with false information.

It will be followed by a Q and A with John Barbour via Skype. We intend to video record the Q&A.

New members welcome, if you wish to join us then email

Meeting Starts at 12 noon. Film starts at 13:30 and ranting hour begins at about 4-ish :-)


Venue location:
The Flying Horse Pub
52 Wilson St.
London EC2A 2ER 
Tel: 020 7247 5338

June update


I have been in the hospital for a week and have been in recovery since leaving and will be for at least another week. It has given me time to work on the next paper which is getting big, I mean BIG!

Set at 222 pages already and probably gaining to a solid 250 for its V1 release on Aug 1st “The Interrogations Of Lee Harvey Oswald” will be looking at the many people who were present inside City Hall while Oswald was kept in custody. This piece has gotten a lot bigger than I had anticipated, which is the same as what happened with the “Anatomy Of The Second Lunch Room Encounter”. Speaking of that one there will be a second update on Aug. 1st as well. It will not be as big but there is still about ten extra pages to go through.

So hold on tight, it won’t be much longer before there is plenty to plough through :)

Original cialis online bestellen

Thanks to Denis Morissette who posted 4 editions from Nov 22nd to Nov 24th 1963.

Anything interesting then?

Eh…yeah! :)

Billy Nolan Lovelady did not like Oswald,because he kept too much to himself……Lovelady just tried to distance himself from Oswald the commie no doubt.

What’s even more telling is his description of officer Smith who ran west towards the railroad yards, a telling remark and confirmation that he and Shelley had left those steps almost immediately after the shots had been fired.

Then there is assistant DA Bill Alexander in the same day’s edition who says 6 witnesses can attest to Lee being inside the TSBD up to ten mins after!!!!

Most interesting indeed.

Click pix to enlarge.

Updated Sept 8th 2017 with the close-ups of the text below. anatomy essay review

Last year at the JFK Lancer Conference in Dallas, Bart Kamp was awarded the New Frontier award. The citation stated that his work in reexamining the second floor encounter of Oswald with Texas School Book Depository foreman Roy Truly and motorcycle officer Marrion Baker utilized “a broad array of new data, including documents and statements of the participants and a variety of TSBD witnesses.” We agreed with this award and the description of the achievement. The second floor lunch encounter is a thread-worn shibboleth of the Warren Report that – like Oswald’s mail order rifle – the first generation of critics simply passed on; the notable exception being Harold Weisberg in his book Whitewash II. In Reclaiming Parkland, I began to question it, largely based on Marrion Baker’s first day affidavit, where the officer does not even mention the episode – or Oswald or Truly.  Even though, as he wrote the affidavit, Oswald was sitting across from him in the rather small witness room. In other words, after he had just stuck a gun in his stomach, Baker didn’t recognize him.

But Bart Kamp goes much further than that in his analysis. We are presenting a small part of that long essay here, with a link to the longer version at the admirable group Dealey Plaza UK. The new revised version of the essay, from which this part is adapted, will be posted there soon and we will link to it then. This is the kind of work, daring and original, questioning accepted paradigms with new and provocative evidence, that stands for.

~ Jim DiEugenio