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What is oral montelukast ' – that's how it started and has been for the past 12 years. This group of 15 patients are the latest – they were selected from the original group in March 2016. "These patients all have the same signs of an inner-ear tumour – some have multiple inner-ear tumours, others one. Some have a benign tumour in the middle of inner ear (the ossicles), but most have an inner-ear tumour that grows very fast. In most of them, the tumour in one ear is so far behind the ear that it has not had time to grow back properly and is more than twice the size of ossicular nucleus." ossicles are the two large, cartilaginous structures that are behind your ears – the middle ear. According to Prof Michael Brown, of Leicester's ear, nose and throat clinic, most of the ossicles have been removed or replaced a number of times over the course their lifetime since time on this planet. "In most cases the middle ear has been replaced at an early stage – you can look back in history and see that quite often it was replaced on the approach of a surgeon from an American eye organisation – the Academy of Ocular Surgeons – which is how many of these inner-ear tumours arose". Prof Brown describes that they were diagnosed with an ear-nose-throat problem because they all have the same symptoms. "But the inner-ear tumour is so large that its location – Cheap prozac online behind the ossicles - can make it seem like Generic flagyl online you have a problem with only one ear". They were taken to this clinic have these tumours examined. "We do a very thorough examination of the patients, which is only possible with the help of CT scan, and we carefully remove as much of the inner-ear tumour as possible. We then take a sample of lining around the ossicles middle ear and, with the help of an ossicle biopsy, we are able to identify the exact location of what is in the middle ear. order to remove it, we have take it out of the middle ear and replace it in the patient's external middle ear." Prof Brown explains that "the ossicles grow more slowly and they produce the same fluid as a healthy middle ear, but the fluid does not reach middle ear – it gets trapped inside the ossicles." Then if you check their ossicles a new tube has to be opened and a syringe is used to put the inner-ear tumour back inside middle ear. This treatment is very common and it lasts up to three years. The middle ear tumour is not the only one at clinic but this last-resort, if you will, is one that very treatable. "It is not a treatment that taken lightly. When these patients come to see the clinic they are probably most vulnerable people in the world: they are young, many of them have never had their ears examined before, they are anxious, desperate people with symptoms that don't show up on an X-ray or are hard to recognise and it is a very uncertain treatment." This is not the only case where inner-ear tumours have developed in patients where they had never seen a doctor before and so they have only had their ears checked by ear, nose and throat specialists. Prof Brown explains that in the case of this last group, these people should talk to their GP and, if the patient is really anxious as Dr Brown was about this one, they should take them to see an ENT specialist as soon they can. "You can identify the underlying problem in this second group of ear, nasal and throat conditions by testing these people's ears or their hearing. Many of these patients have been told they perfect hearing: I had an ENT specialist, Dr Peter Haddad, tell the patients, 'I have listened to some of your sounds and all them are completely normal'. He explained that the ear can change from day to and that he would be listening to your speech at different times and with speech volumes. But it was always perfectly clear that this person had perfect hearing and you think it would be fine. But your ears are never what you think they are, change over time and you have never heard this kind of abnormal sound volume in a young person." So what could you do? They have been referred to specialists and they are looking at all the possible causes of hearing loss. The problem Dr Brown sees with people like these is that they have some of the same signs inner-ear tumour that most people have: Treatments usually need to be put back – so that's why they are referred back to the ear, nose and throat clinic to have Montelukast 100 Capsules 200mg $199 - $1.99 Per pill them. But the same ear, nose and throat specialists are also used as a reference for this ear, nose and throat disease.

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Mary Ferrel JFK Lancer 2016 New Frontier Award


Prayer Man on Dutch TV and Radio-1

Monday the 14th I joined Monique Sleiderink  of TV Oost (that’s the local Dutch TV channel for the East of the country) for an interview about Prayer Man. I had a great time, simple as that. Hope to join them again when the book is out. There is a nice page made up on RTV Oost’s website. In Chrome right click and choose translate. Here are some pictures taken during the TV show, one with Monique outside in the corridor and some screenshots of the video itself.

And on the 22nd I did an interview for KRO/NCRV’s Groot Op 5.  They had picked up on my TV oost appearance and wanted to do an interview the next day, but I was travelling back then, so we postponed until the 22nd. Again a short interview about 4 minutes which was great to do.

Both interviews have taught me a bit about trying to get the message across in a short amount of time, as if I were to put the evidence forward I would need at least 4 hours :-)

I have been given both recordings and I shall supply the videos with subtitles and upload to YouTube in due time.

The steps of the TSBD

Thanks to Brian Kelshaw  for the pix and Scott Reid, his willing assistant.


November updates

Hi all,

first this site and a few others got hacked and had a spam bot installed that sent millions of spam mails. Google blacklisted the site, but has all been rectified and given a clean state of health and is a lot more secure now.

Then there was the one day seminar in London, we had 15 souls downstairs at The Greene Man pub near Great Portland St. Dealey Plaza UK held a one day seminar where I did a talk about the 2nd floor encounter and also talked about Oswald’s interrogations, which is my next essay. I hope to have it finished before year’s end. Don’t hold me to it tho ;).

We followed with a screening of A Coup In Camelot. We managed to watch it on a 65″ 4K screen. Everyone enjoyed watching the documentary a lot. I myself enjoyed the Barry Ernest and Vince Palamara sections, even though I am well familiar with their work, it was good to see their research presented in this excellent documentary.


Barry Ernest in A Coup In Camelot. Click to enlarge.

Barry Keane did a fitting tribute to J.F.K. at the very end, like he always does every year. After which half of us went back into the pub since it had been such an enjoyable event. Talks about Canterbury have already started and we will try and get a killer line-up for this event. 2.5 days of constant yapping about all types of aspects of the JFK Assassination, what’s not to love :)


Out of the blue Stu Wexler told me that I was being presented with an award at the Mary Ferrell awards at the JFK Lancer conference in Dallas last weekend.

I have been given the Mary Ferrell New Frontier Award 2016 at the JFK Lancer Conference for my Anatomy essay. The Award is for new research in respect to my work on further exploring the official story of the Oswald encounter.  The Pioneer awards are intended to recognise and honour new research in a variety of fields. This year Bill Simpich, Malcolm Blunt and a few others received the awards along with me.

At first my reply to Stu was “yeah right”, but I was quickly convinced otherwise.

I am humbled by this Award and have to thank the JFK Lancer team, for the great honour of this accolade and since it is only the first piece of four, it is a major stimulant to continue.

Thank you!

The article is due a substantial update so watch this space.


The Death Of Prayer Woman part-2

So the lads have been back at it again, this time using the Wiegman film. After being obliterated by my previous post Duncan MacRae, Carig Lamson and Brian Doyle aka as Ralph Yates on Amazon and Albert Doyle (the dead father’s account) thought they’d give their verbal excrement technique another go.

Let’s compare pix shall we? In this case size does matter!

The Chris Davidson GIF, from Dave Wiegman stills. Source: Death In Dealey Plaza. Resolution of this DVD 768 x 576 px.  Let’s take a look at a sample of this in a 1920 x 1080 px window. I am doing this for comparison reasons. This is not the exact same frame. This is a screen grab I managed to get myself from the DVD in question.


Click pic to enlarge.

The real source for this version of the Wiegman film is a theatrical newsreel version from 1964 from UCLA, the makers of the Death In Dealey Plaza would probably have a 5th generation copy to make their dupes from so that makes this a 6th or even a 7th generation, since their tapes were transferred to DVD and the screen shots used for the GIF are then  8th generation repros.
1st gen: Wiegman original
2nd gen enlargement to 35mm
3rd gen postive film sold on to other companies such as Hearst and UCLA
4th gen negative made from positive
5th gen makers of DIDP get a copy.
6th transfer to tape then the question is does it go from tape to DVD or from the dupe they got from UCLA. My guess is the former rather than the latter since there is not a huge difference in resolution and this happened more than ten years ago (the dvd rel. that is)
So the DVD would be the 7th gen.
The CD Gif the 8th
The Prayer Woman image the 9th!

Now we take the CD Gif and place it in the same window, yes that is how big the original is. Chris rotated the pic to make it line up with the other shot. It has had some post production as the contrast has been increased and the photo appears to be lighter. But size-wise it is pretty much the same as my copy.


Click pic to enlarge.

Now I post MacRae’s PW image next to the same GIF. And also inserted a 400 DPI version of the same CD GIF next to it.


Click pic. to enlarge.



So an 8th generations deep reproduction of an image, in its size as shown in the photograph above is being drastically cropped, “enhanced” and manipulated and becomes the actual 9th generation copy.

From this so called enhancement we can conclude the following:

  1. It’s size has been increased significantly even tho the resolution of the enlargement has been set back at 72 dpi.
  2. Increase of contrast and darkened overall
  3. The top of Prayer Man’s head has been cropped off.
  4. The appearance of wheel barrow man, if Prayer Man is Prayer Woman then surely MacRae, Lamson and Doyle can explain the sudden appearance of wheel barrow man. Not that anyone will believe this to be someone, but this points at things are being ‘made to appear’ inside that picture due to its excessive enlargement and post-production.
Wheel barrow man!. Click pic. to enlarge.

Wheel barrow man!. Click pic. to enlarge.


Now I place the Sprague neg. (No. 3) in there, the negs that we scanned in with a flatbed scanner have a much higher resolution than anything else publicly available and shown by any photographic researcher. This is not the exact frame as the one inside the CD GIF (No. 1) but it is very close. And the MacRae interpretation at No. 2.

The generations for this particular shot would be:

1st gen: Wiegman original.
2nd gen enlargement to 35mm.
3rd gen postive film sold on to other companies such as Hearst and UCLA.
4th gen negative made from positive.
5th gen is the positive made from that negative sold to Sprague.
6th gen are the Sprague negs.
7th gen the scans of which you see the one on the right (No. 3). They are also reproductions from large format negatives.
Source: letter from Richard E. Sprague.


Click pic. to enlarge

In all honesty the area that has been enlarged and manipulated by them is even smaller than shown with the No. 1 pic since they cropped the top of his head off.

I have left this image untouched besides drawing a marquee and applying auto levels to bring Prayer Man out a little more out of the darkness. The dust, even the hairs and scratches are visible on it and even that is enough to kill off the glasses, the bag, the teacup (nice touch Dunc’ but that’s stretching things a little too far….) and all the other make believe hooey advocated by Doyle and MacRae. But here it is at its best. Mind you that these are flatbed scans and we are in the process of getting these negs properly scanned in. And I for one cannot wait to show them!

MacRae and Lamson provide absolutely no evidence of how these images have come about, they are not able to reproduce any of it on any other Wiegman frame and they shroud their work in secrecy instead. Doyle just whimpers on like an unruly child, but it’s his crazy deluded headset that is most worrying, his Fetzerian remarks which are interlaced with Cinque style delusions are to be monitored closely.








Skillful photo experts, something Doyle keeps coming up with as support for his delusions, would not go along with his plan at all in the first place. They’d say GTFO and get me the best copy available, instead of messing about with 5th-9th generations down. So how about it Doyle? While you were taking a selfie in front of the TSBD did you bother to go inside and ask for the first generation copy of the Darnell film? Of course you did not……….

They can only debate fuzzy pictures, since they cannot refute the other mountain of evidence that places Oswald on the first floor and outside on the landing while JFK was blasted away.

Finally make up your own mind about this, but I know who my money is on and he ain’t a she.

By Stan Dane.

By Stan Dane.

Mixed batch Jim Murray

Some Parkland, Dallas streets, Dealey Plaza and The Trade Mart (of which there are more to come).

All pix by Jim Murray-Black Star. ROKC Scans from the Richard E. Sprague Archive at the National Archives.



Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady in the Couch film

In a small section of the Couch film researcher Gerda Duncke found Lovelady and Shelley in the Couch film, which also partially captured Baker’s dash towards the TSBD.

Gerda Dunckel pointed them (Shelley and Lovelady) out in 2012.

Here are videos of her Gifs


There have been some doubts about the identity of them but I was sold on it back then and even more now.

This ROKC scan of a Couch print from the archives (Richard E. Sprague collection) at first sight did not offer much detail overall, but all the more with regards the two persons who we thought were Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady.


Click pic for full size.

Well this shot and especially its close-ups seals it.And is also conform their initial statements. And this visual clincher shows that they both lied about their presence on the steps during their WC testimony.


Click pic for full size


Click pic for full size


Click pic for full size.