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James Altgens

Ochus Campbell and Betty Dragoo in Altgens 6

Ochus Campbell and Betty Dragoo in Altgens 6.


With help from the Dave Wiegman film we can see Ochus Campbell standing next to Roy Truly. We know this due to their statements that they stood together when the motorcade passed by and as seen in the stills below.

Another good anchor point for the comparison between the Wiegman stills and Altgens 6 (at the bottom of this post) are the police officer and the two children on the right in the photograph below..

Danny Garcia, Betty Dragoo and Ochus Campbell in the Wiegman film. Click photo to enlarge.

Garcia is difficult to spot, but once looking at the Wiegman still and the Altgens 6 photo it becomes more clear.

Dany Garcia and Betty Dragoo in the Wiegman film. Click to enlarge.

In Altgens 6 Danny Garcia was already found in that photograph decades ago and a close-up was stored in the Weisberg Archive.

Danny Garcia in a close-up of Altgens 6. Click photo to enlarge.

And finally look in the detailed crop of Altgens 6 and what appears to look like a gas mask being held up in the open door window of the Secret Service follow up car is actually an arm right holding the top bit of the door right in front of Ochus Campbell’s face. What people assumed that looked like the tail end of the car is actually his shirt and his tie. The dark edging is his cardigan/jacket.

We also see Betty Dragoo’s face very clear through that same car’s window. Linda Giovanna Zambanini recognised her in the close-up Wiegman shot a few years ago, but her face is so much more in detail in the Altgens 6 photo..

Danny Garcia, Betty Dragoo and Ochus Campbell in Altgens 6.  Enhancements by B.K. Click photo to enlarge.

Prayer Man-The Movie

I am sorry for not being that active on the blog front these past two weeks, reason for that is that a bundle of work was tossed my way which meant I was away a lot and I am also working on getting this movie finished which will be shown at the Melbourne ROKC Conference, but also at the yearly DPUK JFK remembrance gathering on the 22nd this month.

The film itself will be online on the 23rd for everyone to see. This will be a first draft with a more in depth version to follow some time in Q1 2016 alongside with the book that I have been blabbing about for months. And again this is also why this site will remain a work in progress for a few more months to come.

What I can say is that we managed to get some kick arse pix from a certain researcher and we have been scanning this material in. We also have more to come over the next week or so, some of it will appear in the movie, the book and this website and I can assure you that many of these shots have not been seen by the average JFK researcher before let alone the general public! This is all thanks to one certain ROKC member who has spent a few days numbing his skull scanning all the work in. My deepest gratitude for him to do all this.

I attach a few screens of backgrounds that will be used for the movie “Only The Shadow Knows: Prayer Man, More Than Just A Fuzzy Picture” out in 9 days!

Moorman shadow Altgens 6

At Greg Burnham’s forum (the guy who doesn’t want anything to do with discussing Prayer Man yet buys the Google adwords for it!) a discussion was started about the shadow of Mary Moorman in Altgens 6, how odd it was that her shadow made her look taller than Jean Hill when she was actually shorter.

This is easy to explain: Moorman was standing in front of Jean Hill therefore enlarging herself with regards to her position towards the sun (see the last pic) and  that James Altgens stood on the street when taking that picture and when the limo went past him he stood on the edge of the grass and the curb.

There is your answer.

Nor is there anything wrong about Charles Brehm’s hands, perfectly normal. The shadow may indicate that it shows he has his hands above his head but as you can see he does not, it looks that way because of the position of the sun on that day, it has the same effect on the motorcycles.

The original Altgens 6 is a goner, but this is not evidence of fakery.

Then again Jim “everything is fake” Fetzer will beg to differ………..