Prayer Man-The Movie

I am sorry for not being that active on the blog front these past two weeks, reason for that is that a bundle of work was tossed my way which meant I was away a lot and I am also working on getting this movie finished which will be shown at the Melbourne ROKC Conference, but also at the yearly DPUK JFK remembrance gathering on the 22nd this month.

The film itself will be online on the 23rd for everyone to see. This will be a first draft with a more in depth version to follow some time in Q1 2016 alongside with the book that I have been blabbing about for months. And again this is also why this site will remain a work in progress for a few more months to come.

What I can say is that we managed to get some kick arse pix from a certain researcher and we have been scanning this material in. We also have more to come over the next week or so, some of it will appear in the movie, the book and this website and I can assure you that many of these shots have not been seen by the average JFK researcher before let alone the general public! This is all thanks to one certain ROKC member who has spent a few days numbing his skull scanning all the work in. My deepest gratitude for him to do all this.

I attach a few screens of backgrounds that will be used for the movie “Only The Shadow Knows: Prayer Man, More Than Just A Fuzzy Picture” out in 9 days!