The Killing Floor

The Killing Floor.

 Recently a video was posted on YouTube titled The Killing Floor. This video, narrated by Rich Negrete, discusses Barry Ernest’s work and his book The Girl on the Stairs. The book delves into the search for Victoria Adams, which takes Ernest quite a few decades to get hold of and talk to her and then he also manages to find and talk to Sandra Styles and Dorothy Garner. I read it more than ten years ago and liked it quite a bit. It was also a fast read which for a JFKA book is quite rare. I read it when I was still reading books and had not started my own research yet. I credit this book for getting me interested into the happenings inside the TSBD and becoming the subject for delving deeper into in 2013.

If you have read this book by Barry Ernest then not much new is mentioned in this entire video. Actually I am of the opinion, that besides the addition of some WC related material there is a lack of serious new findings. This is to its detriment since the large majority of the body of work is more than ten years old.

The video, as the book, treats the second floor lunch room encounter as an event that actually happened, whereas I and others have presented a ton of evidence that shows that this encounter is a total fake event. The encounter is presented as a ‘way’ to make Oswald look guilty as the shooter that came from the 6th floor down, whereas he was nowhere near the sixth floor let alone the second floor after the President was shot.

Then this video also omits some very important facts such as:

Lovelady’s presence on the steps after the shooting has serious consequences for the alleged sighting of the ladies coming down the stairs, just after the shots were fired. Lovelady was nowhere near those steps and as the ladies confirmed they were met by a tall black man, which points to Eddie Piper.


  • And then there is the fourth floor matter that the fifth floor black guys stopped briefly on the fourth floor during their descent and spoke to the women that were looking out the windows on the west side of the TSBD which gave them a perfect view of the happenings in the railroad yard behind the picket fence. This actual happening is swept under the carpet by the WC. Just like the women on the third floor who did not ‘hear’ the shots. Read about this in my Anatomy of the TSBD paper.



Overall it is a decent attempt in bringing Ernest’s book to the masses by means of a video presentation, but the lack of new material is a bit of a letdown.