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JIm Murray

Mixed batch Jim Murray

Some Parkland, Dallas streets, Dealey Plaza and The Trade Mart (of which there are more to come).

All pix by Jim Murray-Black Star. ROKC Scans from the Richard E. Sprague Archive at the National Archives.



Jim Murray in Dealey Plaza

More shots by Jim Murray of Black Star, scanned by ROKC from the Richard E. Sprague Collection at NARA.

Jim Murray The Knoll Photos

Some more ROKC Scans of Jim Murray. The knoll falls outside my remit but hopefully they will offer some value to somebody else.

Good hunting! All photos by Jim Murray.

Jim Murray Dallas Times Herald

Recently we managed to have some scans made of someones archive (his name shall be kept a secret for now). In his collection (that was plundered by many before us) we found a contact sheet belonging to Jim Murray of the Dallas Times Herald.

We can see Mary Moorman, Larry Florer, Charles Brehm, the cordoning off the TSBD and a peek inside a cafe. A lot of these photographs were shown first in That Day In Dallas by Richard Trask.