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Gloria Calvery.


Gloria Jean Little – Calvery. Click pic. to enlarge.

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Gloria Calvery, maiden name Gloria Jean Little, is an enigma, although we know that she walked further down Elm and must have been in close proximity when JFK got hit, but to this day she has not been positively IDed as one of the separators along Elm.


Bill Shelley was her best man. According to Craig Calvery, Gloria’s son her and his dad (who also worked inside the T.S.B.D.) were both good friends with Bill Shelley


Buell Frazier is seen as someone who interacted with her just after the shooting.

However there is no mention of her at first in any of the statements to the D.P.D., F.B.I. and Secret Service. His interaction, if you can call it that, comes first to light during Frazier’s W.C. testimony. The issue with this testimony are that he does not mention her name, and that he has overheard her.

Mr. BALL – Did anybody say anything about what had happened, did you hear anybody say anything about the President had been shot?
Mr. FRAZIER – Yes, sir; right before I went back, some girl who had walked down a little bit further where I was standing on the steps, and somebody come back and said somebody had shot President Kennedy.
Mr. BALL – Do you know who it was who told you that?
Mr. FRAZIER – Sir?
Mr. BALL – Do you know who the girl was who told you that?
Mr. FRAZIER – She didn’t tell me right directly but she just came back and more or less in a low kind of hollering she just told several people.

And so does Joe Molina who in his W.C. testimony states

Mr. BALL. Do you know a girl named Gloria Calvary?
Mr. MOLINA. Yes.
Mr. BALL. Did Gloria come up?
Ms.. MOLINA. Yes, she came. I was in the lobby standing there and she came in with this other girl.
Mr. BALL. What did she say?
Mr. MOLINA. She said “Oh, my God, Joe, he’s been shot.” They were both horrified. I said “Are you sure he was shot?” She said “Oh, Joe ,I’m sure. I saw his hair fly up and I’m sure he was shot” something to that extent.

Here is a cool set of pictures featuring Calvery and her colleagues in the third floor office. Taken just before Christmas 1963. These photos come from Karen Westbrook who handed them to the sixth floor museum.