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Lee Harvey Oswald

To start writing about Lee Oswald would be a mission that could probably last a decade. Instead I refer to Greg Parker’s work that so far has been captured in two Volumes. I heartily recommend it. The book is called Lee Harvey Oswald’s Cold War Vols 1 & 2.

On the day of the assassination Oswald was seen by the following people at given times:

Roy Edward Lewis 10 AM

Bonnie Ray Williams 8 AM and 11:30 AM

James Jarman 9 AM and 11:30 AM

Jack Edwin Dougherty 11 AM

Bill Shelley 11:50 AM

Danny Arce Garcia 8 AM and 11:50 AM

Roy Truly 12:32 PM

Buell Wesley Frazier 8 AM, 8:30AM and 11 AM

Carolyn Arnold 12:15 AM or 12:25 AM (depending on which statement to believe)

Mrs R. Reid about 12:33 PM

I only wish to discuss, at this time, the period that Oswald was in custody and interrogated until he got silenced.

In the Warren Report it is stated that Oswald was interrogated for about 12 hours, out of the 43 he was in captivity, from these interrogation little is known and that is because very little was put to paper by Captain Will Fritz, James Bookhout, James Hosty, Thomas Kelley and Forrest Sorrels. Fritz’s notes were kept away from the public for more than 30 years. An anonymous donor gave them to the ARRB and they were published in 1997. Fritz should have recorded the entire interrogations, and if he did not have any recording equipment himself then he should have borrowed some from one of the news organisations that were filling up the corridor on the third floor outside his office.



Oswald’s interrogations were attended by between 20-25 law enforcement individuals, but only a few took notes.

Lee Harvey Oswald shirt

From the  interrogation  notes we can derive that

  • Oswald knew that two specific fellow employees had reentered the TSBD minutes before the assassination.
  • He knew that Bill Shelley was standing on the steps. This observation alone makes Oswald a prime candidate for Prayer Man since Shelley left the steps shortly after the final shot and made his way to the railroad yard and then made his way back into the TSBD via a side entrance.
  • He stated that the police were taking contact details from employees at the front entrance before allowing them to leave. Oswald is listed on this so called roll call sheet at the very top.
Roll Call Sheet Texas School Book Depository

Roll Call Sheet Texas School Book Depository

Roll Call Sheet Texas School Book Depository

Roll Call Sheet Texas School Book Depository