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Robert Hughes


Robert Hughes

Robert Hughes in Life Magazine.

Robert Hughes’ film of the motorcade turning got a shambolic treatment as a piece of evidence by the Warren Commission. The Warren Commission stated the film was shot at 12:20 p.m. when the actual time was 12:30 p.m. The film was studied by the FBI (scroll down for the docs) and the National Photographic Interpretation Center (the same outfit that analysed the Zapruder film) concluded that the two silhouettes were shadows from cartons near the window. A study performed by Itek in 1967 concluded no movement in the window. However, in a later study Itek would reverse their conclusion.

FBI memo from Nov 25th 1963 clearly stating that they have made ten copies of the original (!!!) and conclude there is no human form present. I am going more in depth about the FBI concluding that no one is present in the 6th floor window in this blog post.

Our focus is not on the 6th floor or the highlighted area in the shots in the gallery below of the Robert Hughes Film but more towards the front entrance.

The Presidential limo is about to finish the turn and still has to pass the front entrance of the TSBD, but we can discern Billy Lovelady’s shirt in the doorway. We can derive from Lovelady;s position in Hughes that he is standing lower and more to the west side than he does in Weigman where he is based near the centre railing one or more steps higher. This also explains Lovelady peeking out in Altgens 6 as the motorcade has already past the front steps of the TSBD and JFK has been shot in the throat.


Close-up Life Mag Billy Lovelady on the steps of the TSBD behind Roy Edward Lewis.


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After filming that sequence Hughes also captured the front steps of the Texas School Book Depository, in  the shot below Billy Lovelady can be seen on those front steps.


Billy Lovelady with bald patch and reddish shirt on the front steps of the TSBD

Hughes was also in the car park behind the picket fence.

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