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Buell Wesley Frazier




Buell Wesley Frazier no doubt is one of the main characters in this puzzle. For now I will mainly concentrate on his whereabouts and actions that day. Frazier is having a rough day.

He said he drove Lee to work that morning. And that Lee had placed a package on the back seat. According to Roy Edward Lewis he drove Lee Oswald to work every day.

This part on its own deserves a really close look and for this I suggest to look up the thread started by Mick Purdy ‘Buell Wesley Frazier Where’s Your Rider’ at the ROKC forum which puts some serious questions forward regarding the truthfulness of Frazier’s statements.

After the assassination Buell Wesley Frazier makes his way to the hospital to visit a sick relative, from this hospital he gets picked up to be taken to the DPD station. The pix below show him in the corridor trying to makes his way through the crowd of camera men and reporters.


Frazier is being treated as a co-conspirator and is in for harsher treatment. In the video below Frazier goes deeper into the happenings inside the DPD station and his interrogation with Captain Will Fritz. He says: “He thought I was guilty, so he had someone else type up a statement and said ‘sign this’. And it said that I was involved in the assassination of President Kennedy and I said I’m not signing that. This is ridiculous, and he drew his hand back to hit me and I put my arm up to block and he said…..he was so mad, so red faced and I told him you hit me, there’s a policeman outside that door, we are going to have a helluva fight before they get in there. So he grabbed the pen and the paper and stomped out and never did see him again


And here again talking to Tom Meros, he discussed the same event (at 31:17).

Buell Wesley Frazier photographed in the 3rd floor corridor of City Hall, followed by Gus Rose.

Frazier talks about this event again for the Richmond Virginia Times in 2013.

Buell Wesley Frazier_ A commute with Oswald, then a harsh interrogation _ Special Report _ (1)

In this video posted by Dennis Morissette Frazier recounts his experience with the Warren Commission where he had to fold the so called bag as he saw it as the one Oswald carried with him.


Frazier did not speak to Gloria Calvery, nor did he even know her name months after while his testimony was taken.


Buell Frazier in The Men Who Killed Kennedy


In the video below at 34:38 Frazier is being asked whether he saw Oswald at all in the chaos after the shooting.

“I did. Ehm…. this was I don’t know exactly how many minutes later, but the lady I was standing next to ehm… some of the people Bill Shelly and Billy Lovelady they went down to the triple underpass, before they went down there a lady come by, a woman came by and she was crying and said that somebody had shot The President. And so we looked bewildered and  I turned to Sarah and she said she said somebody had shot The President. And I said I thought that was what she said. She said she did say that. So we stood there for a few minutes and I walked down to the first  step to where Billy was standing on the bottom of the steps and I looked around and it was just total chaos there and then from there I started to go down and see if I could find ehm Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady and there was so much chaos down there that I said well I better go back to work, go back to the steps and I did, I walked back to the bottom of the steps and then I walked out to the corner of the building where Houston comes up to the side of the building and I was talking to someone, a lady,  and I looked to my left and come walking along the side of the Texas School Book building was Lee Oswald. So he’d come around of the docks and he walks up and I am taking to this lady. He didn’t say anything and ehm.. he crosses Houston, I watch him cross Houston as I was talking to the lady and gets over to the other side of Houston and then he crosses Elm. And somebody said something to me and I turned and he was halfway across the street and when I turned he was gone in the crowd. I don’t know what happened to him. But I didn’t worry too much about that because ehm…there were several places around there where you can go and eat a sandwich. And I remember asking him that morning when he was riding with me. Where is your lunch?  And he said oh I will buy of the truck today.”

Then there is the matter of seeing Marrion Baker going up the steps, the following is an extract of his Warren Commission testimony:

Mr. BALL – Did you see anybody after that come into the Building while you were there?
Mr. FRAZIER – You mean somebody other that didn’t work there?
Mr. BALL – A police officer.
Mr. FRAZIER – No, sir; I stood there a few minutes, you know, and some people who worked there; you know normally started to go back into the Building because a lot of us didn’t eat our lunch, and so we stared back into the Building and it wasn’t but just a few minutes that there were a lot of police officers and so forth all over the Building there.
Mr. BALL – Then you went back into the Building, did you?
Mr. FRAZIER – Right.
Mr. BALL – And before you went back into the Building no police officer came up the steps and into the building?
Mr. FRAZIER – Not that I know. They could walk by the way and I was standing there talking to somebody else and didn’t see it.




Buell Wesley Frazier is widely discussed in George O’Toole’s book The Assassination Tapes, chapters 10 and 11 to be precise.  Some hard questions remain to be asked.

With regards to Prayer Man, Frazier has been asked on a few occasions whether it is Oswald or not.

His first known response to this issue is found in post # 791 dated 20th September 2013 on page 53 of the Oswald Leaving TSBD thread, Sean Murphy copied an email from Gary Mack in which Gary Mack reported that “[Frazier] wouldn’t confirm being on the top step because the image isn’t clear enough”.

As Sean Murphy stated at that time , Frazier’s non-denial that PM was Oswald was confirmation that PM actually was Oswald. And as Lee Farley also said in the old ROKC forum around that time, Frazier’s prevarication on his own presence in the Darnell image likewise confirmed that fact.

Frazier shifted his ground a year later when he confirmed to Albert Rossi that it was him in the Darnell image.

During their exchange Rossi asked him whether 1.  if that was him and 2.  who the other figure was.
He admitted 1. was him and  2. was not clear enough for certain identification, but it probably wasn’t Lovelady because by that time he had taken off with Shelley for the RR yard (which is a confirmation of the sighting of Lovelady and Shelley in the Couch film).

“I first asked him if he could identify Prayer Man”, and while he was mulling it over, I said to him, pointing to his image, “By the way, Mr. Frazier, is that you?”  To that he responded, “very probably … look at the hairline.”

And then a new element was added to his story at the JFK Lancer Conference in November 2015 where, according to Larry Hancock, Frazier said he did not remember being aware of anyone being in PM’s position at the time of the assassination.

The first problem with this is that Frazier’s claim to have not seen PM contradicts his claim that “Lee was not on the steps or in the area”. The two claims are irreconcilable because he cannot know that Lee was not on the steps if he didn’t see PM, which is hard to believe, as it looks like Prayer Man and Buell Wesley Frazier are seen interacting in the Darnell film.

Prayer Man-Darnell-BK


No one here is sensationalising the PM issue or casting aspersions on Frazier’s character.

The problem is that by reference to the “reasonable person test”, Frazier has undermined his own credibility with his prevarication and conflicting claims – and in the process confirmed that Prayer Man is Oswald.

In late 2017 I thought I had one of the holy grails of this case, which was Buell Wesley Frazier’s polygraph. After paying NARA to get copies of the documents and receiving them in Jan. 2018, it is nothing more than a set of letters from the AARB to the FBI and DPD in trying to obtain it. But these letters show nothing more than a pass the buck exercise.

See for yourself.

Frazier also confirms in some videos that Sarah Stanton was standing to his left, as per her own statement on the East side of the steps along with Pauline Sanders.

At 18:25.


At 53:14.

At 06:02, Frazier who uses both his hands indicates only with his left hand outwards, so she was standing next to him to his left!