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Thomas J. Kelley


Thomas J Kelley Secret Service


Thomas Kelley joined the Secret Service in 1942, while F.D.R. was President. He had been ASAIC of WFO in the 1950’s; left the WFO during the summer of 1955 to become the SAIC of the Philadelphia office; took part in first formal Secret Service agent training held in Washington D.C. 10/19-11/6/53 as an instructor; Instructor at Secret Service School, 1955; took part in the SAIC Administration School in 1955; ASAIC of WFO, mid-1950’s; Member of Inauguration Detail for JFK, 1/20/61; became Asst. Dir. of Investigations in 1965; 1968: head of Protective Intelligence; Assist. Dir.: retired in Feb. 1978.

Thomas J Kelley 2nd from left holding pen set.

Kelley was also assigned to represent the Secret Service in the JFK assassination, he served as liaison for the S.S. to the Warren Commission. He was involved in at least 4 interrogations of Lee Oswald which includes his final one at which Harry Dean Holmes was also present. It was Kelley who approached Oswald to have further talks just before he got snuffed by Jack Ruby.

Thomas J Kelley Secret Srervice 1963


Thomas J Kelley during Lee Oswald's press ocnference

Thomas J Kelley wearing a black hat and glasses to the left of the camera during Lee Oswald’s press conference


Thomas Kelley (left behind Marina Oswald). Thanks to Vince Palamara.

Kelley was also involved in the first re-enactment by the Secret Service on Nov 27th 1963, and also the fraudulent version of May 24th 1964. You can see the whole Oswald re-enactment by the Secret Service below, FF to 22:12, and one wonders whether they thought Oswald had the physical abilities of a pensioner. The timing and that of Marrion Baker’s is a mess to say the least. Did Oswald really walk down that slow and end up sitting at the table inside the 2nd floor lunchroom?


Thomas J Kelley 2nd from left in later years.

Kelley retired from the Service in 1978. That same year Thomas Kelley gave his testimony to the HSCA, in this testimony he broached the Oswald interrogation twice.

In Survivors Guilt by Vince Palamara the author writes that Thomas Kelley perjured himself during the HSCA hearing regarding the’ threat knowledge’ prior Nov 22nd 1963. Furthermore he denied any agent had violated any Secret Service rule in the ‘drinking incident’ in Forth Worth the night before Dallas.

Kelley’s so called statement “First interview with Lee Harvey Oswald” is a summation of all 4 interviews he was present at.

Special thanks to Vince Palamara for the photographs.