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Stavis Ellis

  Major Stavis Ellis rode in the first vehicle of the motorcade with Dallas Police Chief Jesse Curry. He was responsible for assigning the motorcycle policemen to the motorcade of The President. He gave Marrion Baker the task to stay close to the Press Bus.

Stavis Ellis was highly critical of Marrion Baker and his role in the so called Oswald encounter inside the TSBD, he is wrong on a lot of details, even many years after, but one thing is consistent and that is his disdain for Baker. He pretty much puts the responsibility of the Tippit murder on Marrion Baker.
Major Stavis Ellis - 2-low


In a telephone interview with Denis Morissette in the early 90’s, Ellis stated:

  • Baker found Oswald on the floor below from where the shooting started. That would be the 5th floor.
  • Baker did not go on the roof.
  • Oswald was drinking a coca cola and eating a bar of candy when Baker found him.
  • Ellis also blamed Baker for failing to apprehend Oswald, even though Truly vouched for him and not sealing the building of.


Major Stavis Ellis