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Bill Shelley


William Hoyt Shelley was born in Gunther, Tx. He attended Crozier High School during WW2.

When he had left school his first work was in defense plants during the war and then commenced working for the TSBD in October, 1945.

In 1947 he was listed as a clerk at the Hugh Perry Book Depository (the old name for the Texas School Book Depository), and he had a room at 515 Martinique Avenue.

In 1948 he was admitted to hospital, cause unknown.

In 1960 he was a department manager; his wife’s name was Marie; and they lived in a house on 126 Tatum Avenue. They were still living in that house at the time of the assassination.


Lovelady-and-Shelly-in-Couch-1 (1)

Lovelady and Shelley in Couch.


ROKC Scan. Click to enlarge.




From the Richard E. Sprague archive at the National Archives in Wa. Scan by ROKC.

  • Sees Truly walking towards the front steps along with Marrion Baker, but the timing makes no sense at all and it is pretty obvious they never saw them enter the building since they left the steps so quick. Nor does the Couch or the Darnell film them looking back while Baker is making his dash towards the front steps of the TSBD.
  • Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady  “walked on down to the first railroad track there on the dead end street and stood there and watched them searching cars down there in the parking lots for a little while and then we came in through our parking lot at the west end.” He is not asked to estimate the time at which he returned. As of that time there was no security on the rear of the building.
  • Shelley states he saw Oswald last at ten to 12 on the first floor near the telephone after he had gone down for lunch, yet Lovelady said he came down in the elevator at ten to 12 to wash up and have lunch, and hears  Oswald allegedly calling down the lift shaft while they are going down for them to send the elevator back up.
  • He said he was sent outside in an attempt to locate Givens, and there was talk of sending out an “all-points bulletin” on the missing man. This proved unnecessary because Givens heard he was being sought and made his way to police headquarters. This also shows that it wasn’t just Oswald who was missing for that alleged roll call. Furthermore there were several employees who could not get back in as the DPD had sealed off the front of the building.
  • Shelley is also pointing out that he saw Victoria Adams come down the stairs, when nothing could be further removed from the truth,
  • Homicide detective C. W. Brown is taking an affidavit from Book Depository foreman Bill Shelley in a small interrogation room inside the Homicide and Robbery office when the arresting officers bring Oswald in. Mr. Shelley looks up at the man in custody and remarks to Detective Brown, “He works for us. I’m his supervisor. “
  • Shelley also said to Jack Edwin Dougherty that he saw Oswald with a large package, according to his WC testimony (page 9). But this is more than likely a falsehood.

Mr. DOUGHERTY. Well, I didn’t, but some of the fellows said they did.
Mr. BALL. Who said that?
Mr. DOUGHERTY. Well, Bill Shelley, he told me that he thought he saw him carrying a fairly good-sized package.
Mr. BALL. When did Shelley tell you that?
Mr. DOUGHERTY. Well, it was-the day after it happened.

Which cannot be possible as Oswald was already there according to his own WC testimony (page 2). Nor does he make any mention of it during that very same testimony!

Mr. BALL. On the 22d of November 1963, did you see him come to work that morning?
Mr. SHELLEY. No, he was at work when I got there already tilling orders.).

  • He was Best Man at Gloria Calvery’s wedding.
  • The Glaze letters: “Mr. Shelley claims to have been an intelligence officer during World War II and thereafter joined the CIA.” This can be taken with a large grain of salt, at best he could be considered to be an informant.


Bill Shelley in the TSBD vestibule getting coffee. Note the man with the glasses leaning on the barrier. Click pic. to enlarge.





In the shots above officer C.W. Brown and B.L. Senkel are escorting Bill Shelley, Bonnie Ray Williams and Danny Garcia Arce to the squad car.


George W Bailey, in 2009, questions how Oswald could have known that Shelley was on the steps of the TSBD when Shelley clearly stated in his Warren Commission testimony that he had not seen Lee Harvey Oswald at the time

In his Warren Commission testimony things get messed up:

Mr. BALL – Do you have any idea how long it was from the time you heard those three sounds or three noises until you saw Truly and Baker going into the building?
Mr. SHELLEY – It would have to be 3 or 4 minutes I would say because this girl that ran back up there was down near where the car was when the President was hit.

This is wrong, Shelley and Lovelady left the steps about 15/20 seconds after Z313 as shown in the Couch film.