Business as usual or meet the lone gunman(UA-66627984-1)

Marie Hollies.


Marie Hollies was on the fourth floor when it went down.

In 2011 she did an Oral History Interview with the Sixth Floor Museum She was working for Scott-Foresman since July 1963. She lived in Oak Cliff and claimed that she wrote the bus into Dallas every day and that Lee Oswald sat next to her on these journeys into work.

Oswald asked her to go out with him and accompany him to a party by Candy Barr at Jack Ruby’s club. She declined.

She also says that Oswald was on the bus on Nv 22nd, he wasn’t since Buell Wesley Frazier drove him to work that day.


Special thanks to Linda Giovanna Zambanini for sourcing the photos.


Hollis and Foster seen at the bottom of the steps int he Skaggs pic.

Below in the Cook film next to Betty Alice Foster.