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Roy Edward Lewis



Roy Edward Lewis-BK

Roy Edward Lewis in Larry Sneed’s No More Silence.

Roy Edward Lewis was behind the glass inside the vestibule when it all went down, and as you can see in Darnell he was making his way outside after it happened.

Roy Edward Lewis, only for a small part visible in the Jimmy Darnell film.

Roy Edward Lewis’ position inside the TSBD during the JFK Assassination. Source Mary Ferrell Chronologies.


Roy Edward Lewis standing on the steps of the TSBD next to Carl Edward Jones (L) Photo: Gordon Willis 8

Close-up from a ROKC scan we made of the Richard Bernabei archive in Kingston, On.

ROKC Scan Richard Bernabei archive Kingston UNI. Click to enlarge.


Roy Lewis in the Cooper film, click to enlarge.

In his FBI statement he states: “On November 22, 1963 at approximately 12 :25,PM I stood by myself on the inside of the front entrance of the Texas School Book Depository Building to watch President John F . Kennedy come by the building in a motorcade. I heard three shots fired from somewhere above me, but was unable to see the person who fired them.

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In Larry Sneed’s No More Silence he is quoted as: Due to my lack of excitement, I was one of the last ones out of the building before the motorcade arrived. That’s why I wasn’t outside near the street like most everybody else. Instead, when I came out, I was standing with some ladies from up in the offices right in the middle of the steps in front of the building that led to the sidewalk beyond the glass door.

They probably knew that I was on the steps and couldn’t give them as much information as the guys who were on the upper floors that heard the bangs.”

Roy Edward Lewis, Dallas, Nov. 2016. Click to enlarge. Pic: Brian Kelshaw.