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Patricia Ann Donaldson.


Patricia Ann Donaldson, formerly knows as Patricia Ann Lawrence , working for the MacMillan Publishing Company, stood as part of the “Truly Group” roughly 30 ft in front of the front steps of the T.S.B.D., she can be recognised in the Dave Wiegman film.

Patricia Ann Donaldson in the Wiegman film. Click to enlarge.


In the photograph below Patricia Ann Donaldson, wearing her black headscarf, departing the TSBD. She is the second person on the steps and partially hidden behind Sandra Sue Ellerson on the steps and in front of Lucy Whittaker (wearing a white house) and in the doorway shadow is Madeline Reese.

Pic: William Allen / Dallas Morning News. Click to enlarge.

In the video below Patricia Ann Donaldson speaks with Max Holland about the shots when the motorcade went past. But just her pointing these shots out contradicts the reports made back in 1963 and 64. See the above reports for reference.

But the video above shows something remarkable. She indicates the shots had come that building and indicates towards the DalTex building and not the T.S.B.D.

Here is a still shot, thanks to John Deignan, where Holland looks towards the TSBD while Donaldson gestures towards the Dal-Tex building.

You know who else looked towards the Dal Tex building? But in this case at the very moment when the shots were fired and not in a 2003 re-enactment.

Carolyn Arnold and a shorter lady standing partially in front of her, as seen in these Dave Wiegman film stills below. I reckon there is about a second in time difference between these two frames.

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