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Ruth Hendrix


Ruth Hendrix

Ruth Hendrix in Larry Sneed’s No More Silence.

Ruth Hendrix, who worked for publishing company Allyn & Bacon and went downstairs the T.S.B.D. along with Mary Lea Williams, Mrs Herman M. (Billy P.) Clay and Sue Dickerson at 12:15.

What I find interesting about her is that she stated that she left immediately after the shooting and went back into the T.S.B.D. and clocked her return at 12:34 looking at the clock inside her office on the 3rd floor, this is according to her F.B.I. statement from March 1964. Also known as CE 1381. Why is this interesting? Because of running woman in the Darnell  film. For years several people have claimed it was Gloria Calvery without one iota of evidence. Actually people claim to see Gloria Calvery on the steps, running faster than Baker and Smith, the two police officers captured in the films. And possibly Ruth Hendrix!

Running woman and Ochus Campbell in the James Darnell film. Click pic. to enlarge.

Running woman runs almost alongside the cars parked in front of the T.S.B.D. in a black skirt and a white blouse. in the very background behind Marrion Baker’s run.

Ruth Hendrix is also in Larry Sneed’s No More Silence. In her chapter she mentions that the other girls had already left. Also that she stood near the lamp post, even with the West side of the T.S.B.D. This lamp post is seen in Betzner 3 and Altgens 6. This is pretty close to the building itself.

Betzner 3. Click pic to enlarge.

Altgens 6. On the very left the lamp post. Click to enlarge.

But what is even more interesting in her chapter is that she stated that she had a chat with Ochus Campbell, just outside before she went back in the T.S.B.D. Now that little titbit makes the 12:34 timing more plausible if she had left Elm to go towards the depository. It is still not 100%, but if there is one good candidate for “Running Woman” then I’d put my chips on her.