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Website Updates.

I update and create pages, as seen below,  so check back frequently.

Dec 17 2023

Malcolm Blunt page updated with all 21 videos done so far.

June 23 2023

I have created a set of pages that will serve as footnotes to the soon to be released hardcopy book “Prayer Man – More Than Just A Fuzzy Picture” on Amazon. Not fully finished yet, but close.

May 31 2023

Three pictures added to the LC Graves page.

April 19 2023

One Wiegman frame added to the Sarah Stanton page.

And I posted an article on Oswald’s psychiatry tests while being kept at Youth House in NYC in 1953.

Apr 18 2023

I have added more text to the Spaulden Jones Photos at the Sixth Floor Museum entry which was first posted in May 2021.

April 17 2023

Added more text to the Malcolm Couch page.

Apr 14 2023

Added text and documents to the Doris Burns page.

Mar 26 2023

Updated the Elmer Boyd page with interviews.

Mar 22 2023

The Nat Pinkston page has been updated with excerpts of his Oral History interview.

Jan 4 2023

I added the Weaver Polaroid to the page of Otis Williams.

Dec 31 2022

Added two drawings to the TSBD first floor gallery.

Dec 28 2022

I have made a page for Jay Skaggs in the Camera Section, more text will be added soon.

Newspaper article of the Lubbock Avalanche Journal added to the Harold Norman page.

Dec 27 2022

John P Adamcik page has been updated with more text and photos.

Dec 21 2022

Documents and videolink added to Winston Lawson page.

Dec 15 2022

I have added a background to the front page and have also added a set of links that link to various blog posts to the Camera page. The Lee Harvey Oswald’s Fingerprints article has had additional text added to it and also the article has been  sub-sectioned.

August 21 2022

I have done a few podcasts and they have been posted on the Press page.

May 20 2022

Photo added to the M.W. Stephenson page.

May 13 2022

One link to a newspaper article and video added to the bottom of the Jesse Curry page.

May 4 2022

Added text and new photos on the Madeleine Reese page.

March 13 2022

Photo added to Jim Leavelle page and Winston Lawson page Both are seen together in a film frame while Oswald is leaving the press conference.

March 12 2022

Added gallery of fourth floor drawings to the There Were Ten Women on the Fourth Floor When it Went Down post.

March 2 2022

Five pages with newspaper articles added to the Carolyn Arnold page (scroll to bottom).

Feb 12 2022

Nat Pinkston page updated with some text.

Jan 30 2022

Patricia Ann Donaldson page made in TSBD.

Jan 24 2022

Nat Pinkston page updated.

Jan 13 2022

Dolores Kounas page created.

Jan 12 2022

Updated the James Darnell page with more text and stills.

Added a video to the Buell Wesley Frazier page.

Dec 28 2021.

Interview with Elmer Boyd added to his page (scroll to the bottom)

Dec 16 2021

Added some text and a better copy of Sarah Stanton to the Pauline Sanders and Sarah Stanton on the steps of the T.S.B.D. post.

Dec 13 2021

I added a link to the John Abt representing Lee Harvey Oswald post.

June 14 2021

A few documents added (at the bottom of the page) to the DPD & Sheriff HSCA statements post.

May 30 2021

I have added two photos to the Spaulding Jones post.

May 18 2021

The Lee Harvey Oswald – Alek James Hidell post has extra and exclusive documentation at the very bottom of the post.

March 13 2021

I have rewritten and added some cool, never seen before, documentation to the James Glenn Darnell page (exclusive!).

March 9 2021

I added a fair bit of text and videos to the H. Louis Nichols page.

March 7 2021

Otto B Mullinax page updated.

LND Wells page created.

March 5 2021

Photo added to Charles Webster page.

Feb 16 2021

I have added one newspaper photograph and rewritten the Manning Clements page.

Feb 15 2021

Photo of Bill Alexander and Henry Wade added to the Bill Alexander page.

Feb 14 2021

Photo added to Forrest Sorrels added.

Feb 13 2021

Photo and a little extra text added to Robert Irvine Nash added.

Jan 25 2021

Photos and documents added to C.W. Brown page.

Jan 17 2021.

Added a FBI document to the Dave Wiegman page.

Jan 15 2021.

Three pages of HSCA testimony of Thomas J Kelley added

Jan 13 2021.

More documents and newspaper articles and text added to the Charles W Webster page.

Nov 7th 2020.

Added three page document (at the top) of the James Hosty page.

Sept 7th 2020.

HSCA Report added to the Jack Revill page.

August 21st 2020.

Added a document and a new version of the Weaver Polaroid to the Steven Wilson page.

June 28th 2020.

Otto Mullinax page made in the Law section.

June 26th 2020.

Added one picture to the page of James Bookhout during Oswald’s press conference.

June 25th 2020

Added a document to the Pierce Allman post.

June 24th 2020.

Added pages to TSBD of Sandra Sue Elerson and Edna Case.

June 22nd 2020.

Picture and a little bit of text (at the bottom) added to the Jimmy Darnell page.

June 19th 2020.

Two photos added to the Ochus Virgil Campbell page and one of the same shots also to the  Danny Garcia page.

June 14th 2020.

Added pic, doc and text to the Ochus Virgil Campbell page.

May 22nd 2020.

Added a Winston Lawson page in the Secret Service section.

April 19th 2020.

Handwritten notes (6 pages) added to the Forrest J Sorrels page.

April 3rd 2020.

Added quotes from an early 70’s interview with Jack Dougherty.

March 24th 2020.

Photo added to Steven Wilson page.

March 14th 2020

Added an additional report to the D.P.D. H.S.C.A. interviews diary entry of Lt. Donald Archer.

Jan 8th 2020.

One document, Mark Lane interview, added to Roger Craig page.

Jan 4th 2020.

Pages created for Yola HopsonBetty Alice Foster, Marie Hollies and  Ruth Nelson all in T.S.B.D.

Dec 21st 2019.

Tom Alyea page created in Camera.

Dec 19th 2019.

Steven Wilson page created in T.S.B.D.

Dec 17th 2019.

One U.S. Senate handwritten document added to the Charles Douglas Givens page.

Oct 9th 2019.

Two documents and a little text added to the Will Fritz page.

Sept 13th 2019.

Martha Reed page created in TSBD.

Sept. 8th 2019.

Added one document to the Nat Pinkston page.

Sept 7th 2019.

Updated the Charles Douglas Givens page. Work in progress.

Press conference photo added to James Bookhout page.

I also updated the home page with links to summaries of the papers I have released thus far. And increased amount of blog posts to choose from at bottom of page.

Aug 11 2019.

Some text with link added to Billy Lovelady page.

Eight pages HSCA era questioning added on the Will Fritz page.

May 5th 2019.

Two pages added to Richard Stovall page.

May 4th 2019.

Added two pages Earl Golz interview with Vincent Drain. Very interesting read.

April 28th 2019.

Roger Craig Sheriff Dept. statement added.

April 20th 2019.

One document added to James Bookhout page.

April 7th 2019.

Added document to Ochus Campbell page.

March 29th 2019.

Documents and video added to Gus Rose page..

March 14th 2019.

Added a Sharron Nelson page.

March 12th 2019.

Interview (2 pages) added to Henry Wade page.

March 11th 2019.

Six pages added of documents to the Billy Lovelady page.

March 10th 2019.

Documents (32 pages) added to the Bill Alexander page.

March 1st 2019.

Videos added to Henry Wade and Jim Leavelle pages.

Document added to James Hosty  page (exclusive!).

Nov 30th 2018.

Added pix and text to Judith McCully page (exclusive!)

Nov 16th 2018.

Updated the Ruth Hendrix page.

Added pages for Gloria Jean Holt and Betty Dragoo. All three inside the T.S.B.D. section of which the drop down menu gets quite long.

Nov 15th 2018.

Added a page on Stella Mae-Jacob to the TSBD section.

Nov. 1st 2018.

Three photos added to Dorothy Ann Garner page.

Oct 31st 2018.

Pauline Sanders in the Dave Wiegman film still added.

Sept. 20th 2018.

Added some text to the James K. Allen page.

Sept. 18th 2018.

Added a video to the Bill Alexander and Will Fritz pages.

Video added to Jim Leavelle page.

Sept. 10th 2018.

Text and documents added to Henry Wade and Bill Alexander pages.

Sept. 4th 2018.

Added some text to the Richard Stovall page.

Documents added to Danny Garcia Arce and Jack Edwin Dougherty pages.

Aug. 26th 2018.

Elmo Cunningham page created in D.P.D.

July 30th 2018.

Added 3 videos of Buell Wesley Frazier on the Sarah Stanton page confirming Stanton stood east of Frazier.

July 26th 2018.

Updated the Mentions page.

July 11th 2018.

I am gradually amending the website’s content and graphics over the next few weeks. The home page has been updated with more blog posts at the bottom and also with a thumbnail.

I have also added one photo and document to the Roy Edward Lewis page.

July 9th 2018.

I have added new pages and updated old pages in the D.P.D. section which now amounts to 21 individuals at this point. A few more will be added on in the near future.

Scroll down to see a brand new set of buttons to take you to each page. Or use the drop down menu in D.P.D.

Three pages still need sorting, but here’s a sneak peek since you chose to check this page ;)

July 6th 2018.

Created a Jim Leavelle page.

Added 5 pix to the Richard Sims page. And added text to the Elmer Boyd page.

July 5th 2018.

Added a lot of text to the Gus Rose page.

July 2nd 2018.

Made a Carol Ann Reed page in TSBD.

June 25th 2018.

Made a Herbert Sawyer page inside DPD.

June 24th 2018.

Prayer Man Photos page created.

June 20th 2018.

Added videos and text to the Sarah Stanton page.

June 19th 2018.

Gloria Calvery page created.

June 10th 2018.

Added an obituary and grave stone pix to the Bill Shelley page.

May 30th 2018.

Added photos to the Avery Davis page.

May 29th 2018.

Photos added to the Pauline Sanders page.

May 28th 2018.

Added video and screenshots to Marrion Baker page.

May 25th 2018.

I have added a pic and a new background wall paper on the Sarah Stanton page.

May 18th 2018.

H.H. Davis page made up.

May 14th 2018

Pages made of Secret Agents William Patterson and Roger Warner.

May 13th 2018.

Pages created for Bill Decker, Nate Pinkston and M.W, Stevenson.

April 6th 2018.

Added Manning Clements and Vincent Drain pages to the F.B.I. section.

March 21st 2018.

I added a new Law section with several people known and unknown, text will be added soon enough.

Started to add documents to the Greg Olds page.

March 19th 2018.

Elmer Boyd, Charles Dhority, Glenn King, Hank Moore and Gus Rose pages created in the D.P.D. section. Just pix, text to follow.

March 18th 2018

Karen Westbrook page created.

Dave Grant, Mike Howard and Charles Kunkel pages made in the Secret Service section.

March 12th 2018.

Added one photo to the Malcolm Couch page.

March 1st 2018.

Forrest Sorrels Preliminary WC interview added.

Feb. 21st 2018.

Added one document to the Mrs Robert Reid page.

Feb. 20th 2018.

More documents added to the Harry Dean Holmes page.

Feb. 19th 2018.

Karan Hicks page created.

Dec 10th 2017.

Small pic. and a link to Joe Molina’s obituary added at the very bottom of the Joe Molina page.

Eddie Piper‘s grave stone added to his page.

Nov. 29th 2017.

Newspaper article from NYHT (May 24th 1964) added to the very bottom of the  Billy Lovelady page.

Nov 24th 2017.

Documents added to Forrest J. Sorrels page.

Nov 5th 2017.

Danny Garcia Arce in Wiegman photo added

Oct 20th 2017.

Added Robin Unger’s slow motion GIF to the Tina Towner page.

Sept 13th 2017.

Added two photos to the James Bookhout page. IDing him inside the DPD!

Also a contact page has been added.

Sept 10th 2017.

Added 3 pages of interview with William Manchester on Roy Truly page. And two pages with W.M. on the Forrest Sorrels page.

Sept. 2nd 2017.

Two photos and some text added to Forrest Sorrels page.

Aug 30th 2017,

Added Houston post article to Billy Lovelady page.

June 30th 2016.

Added 3 pictures to the Robert Nash page.

May 29th 2016.

Photo added to Robert Nash’s page.

May 28th 2017.

Document (3 pages) added to gallery on Thomas J. Kelley page.

May 13th 2017.

Added text to the Malcolm Couch page.

April 24th 2017.

Added video to Jesse Curry page.

April 13th 2017.

Photos, document and newspaper article added to Will Fritz page.

April 8th 2017.

Photos and Martha Joe Stroud letter added to the Will Fritz page.

April 7th 2017.

Added photos and statements to Bonnie Richey and Virgie Rackley pages

April 4th 2017.

Added 45 pages of HSCA testimony to the Harold Norman page.

March 1st 2017.

Added pix and docs to the Carl Edward Jones page.

Feb 14th 2017.

Text added to Dorothy Ann Garner page.

Feb 13th 2017.

Text added to Sandra Styles page.

Feb 11th 2017.

Added text to the HSCA audio interviews at the bottom on the Billy Lovelady page.

Jan 28th 2017.

Some text and newspaper article added to Joe Molina page.

Jan 21st 2017.

Added a video to the Pierce Allman post.

Text added to Mrs Robert Reid page.

Dec 31st 2016.

Added a new photo to the Thomas Kelley page.

Dec 24th 2016.

Newspaper article and some text added to Joe Molina page. This page will be updated some time in the Spring of 2017. There is quite a story to tell.

Updated the Mentions page.

Will Fritz page (newspaper article and text added).

Dec. 6th 2016.

Added video and text to Dave Wiegman page.

Nov. 27th 2016.

Updated the Mentions page.

Nov. 24th 2016.

Added new photo to James Bookhout page.

Oct. 29th 2016.

Added one photo the Malcolm Couch page.

Oct. 17th 2016.

Added 4 newspaper articles to the Roy Truly page.

Oct. 8th 2016.

Added newspaper notifications  to the Bill Shelley page.

Oct 1st 2016

Added three newspaper articles to the Roy Truly page.

Sept 30th 2016.

Newspaper report on Charles Douglas Givens‘ narcotics charge and Eddie Piper’s DUI.

Sept. 23rd 2016.

Added text, picture and document to Bill Shelley page.

Sept 10th 2016.

Some text added to Joe Molina page.

July 30th 2016.

Added text to Sarah Stanton page.

New slow motion video on Dave Wiegman page.

July 20th 2016.

Added video of 1964 airing of Darnell film to James Darnell page.

July 16th 2016.

Added link to Jesse Curry’s HSCA interview on James Hosty page.

July 15th 2016.

Added video to Buell Wesley Frazier page.

Not much time for updates. I am working on a massive article which shall be published in due course. And there are 4/5 more articles in the making. Overt the next few months there is quite a few neat bits coming,

July 5th 2016.

Added some text and a document to James Hosty page.

July 3rd 2016.

Added photo to Marvin Johnson page.

June 5th 2016.

Added docs, text and videos on Stavis Ellis page.

May 29th 2016.

Pictures and documents added to James Hosty page.

Newspaper article added to Eddie Piper and Joe Molina pages.

May 26th 2016.

Added some text to the Bill Shelley page.

May 8th 2016

Willis 8 photo added to Carolyn Arnold page

Created Virgie Rackley a.k.a. Mrs. Donald Baker page.

May 1st 2016.

High school photo added to Sandra Styles page.

April 29th 2016.

Text and photo added to Buell Wesley Frazier page.

April 26th 2016.

Photos added to Danny Garcia Arce

April 14th 2016.

More text and docs added to Roy Truly page.

April 12th 2016.

Videos added to Bonnie Ray Williams, James Jarman, Charles Givens, Lee Harvey Oswald and Harold Norman pages.

April 9th 2016.

Text added to Harry Dean Holmes.

April 5th 2016.

Added newspaper article to Malcolm Couch page.

April 3rd 2016.

Text and docs added to Troy Eugene West.

March 31st 2016.

Text added to Victoria Adams page.

Created Avery Davis page.

March 30th 2016.

Documents and text added to Carolyn Arnold, Roy Truly and Will Fritz.

March 20th 2016.

Created a page on Elsie Dorman.

March 19th 2016.

Added several videos to Buell Wesley Frazier and more text and documents to Jack Edwin Dougherty pages.

March 18th.

Added pix and docs to Bonnie Ray WilliamsHarold Norman and James Jarman pages.

Added more interactive links to the Sources page.

Text added to Mrs Robert Reid page.

March 14th 2016.

Updated Marrion Baker page.

Added more interactive links to the Sources page.

March 10th 2016.

Updated Billy Lovelady and Joe Molina pages.

March 9th 2016.

Created a Bonnie Ray Williams page.

March 8th 2016.

Created  Harold Norman and James Jarman pages.

Added videos to the Lee Harvey Oswald page.

Added more interactive links to the Sources page.

This last page needs a huge overhaul with a ton of extra info, since things have moved on a lot since I compiled this list at first many months ago.

March 7th.

Added gallery to the DPD page.

March 6th

Added more pictures and floor plans to TSBD page.

Added Gerda Dunckel’s GIFS as videos to the Billy Lovelady page.

March 4th 2016.

Created a Danny Garcia Arce page

Updated Geneva Hine page.

March 3rd 2016.

Created Troy Eugene West page.

March 2nd 2016.

Added a load of docs and newspaper clippings to Roy Truly and Otis Williams pages.

Pix to the Dorothy Garner page.

Created Eddie Piper page.

Feb 28th 2016.

Added text to DPD page.

Feb 27th 2016.

Pictures, documents and videos added to’: Buell Wesley Frazier, Malcolm CouchCarolyn ArnoldRobert Hughes and Tina Towner.

Feb 24th 2016.

Updated Bill Shelley page.

Feb 21st 2016.

Created a Roy Edward Lewis page

Feb 20th 2016.

Added documents and photos to Joe Molina and Carolyn Arnold pages.

Feb 18th 2016.

Added photos to James Bookhout, Lee Harvey Oswald and Will Fritz pages.

Feb 16th 2016.

Media and text added to Billy Lovelady,  Joe MolinaCarolyn Arnold and Tomas E. Kelley pages

Feb 9th 2016.

Added video to Joe Molina page.

Feb 6th 2016,

Created a Ruth Hendrix page.

Added photos to Marvin Johnson page.

Updated the Sources, Forrest J Sorrels, Tomas E. Kelley pages.

Feb. 4th 2016.

Created a Mentions page where my movie is mentioned on websites. Any other articles will be added in due course as well.

Added more text, photos and documents to the Harry Dean Holmes, Ruth Dean and Will Fritz pages.

Feb 3rd 2016.

Pictures and docs added to Ruth Dean page

Better portrait added on the Joe Molina page.

Feb 2nd 2016.

Documents and text added to Harry Dean Holmes.

New backdrop for the Joe Molina page.

Jan 25th 2016.

Added newspaper article to Carolyn Arnold page.

Jan 23rd 2016.

Created Secret Service page.

Added photos, documents and text to: Buell Wesley Frazier, Harry Dean Holmes, Forrest J Sorrels, Tomas E. Kelley,.

Jan 19th 2016.

Photo added to Will Fritz page.

Jan 12th 2016.

Photos added to James Altgens page.

Jan 6th 2016.

Added photos to James Bookhout  and James Hosty pages.

Dec 21st 2015.

Homepage updated.

Photos  and documents added to Billy Lovelady and Bill Shelley pages

Dec 14th 2015.

James Bookhout and James Hosty pages made.

Dec 13th 2015.

Added photos to Dorothy Garner page.

Dec. 10th 2015.

Better quality video added to Marrion Baker and Roy Truly pages.

Dec. 8th 2015.

Text added to Dorothy Garner page.

Dec. 4th 2015.

Added Prayer Man the movie to the home page.

Prayer Man In A Nutshell page created in Misc.

Nov 25th 2015.

Tag cloud added for diary page.

Nov 7th 2015.

Created page for Pauline Sanders.

Photos added to Carolyn Arnold.

Nov 6th 2015

Documents and text added to Joe Molina.

Nov 5th 2015

Photo added to Mark Bell, Robert Hughes and Tina Towner.

Documents added to Joe Molina.

Nov 3rd 2015

Photos added to Dave Wiegman, Otis Williams

Text added to the Home page.

Nov. 1st 2015.

Two book titles added to Sources.

Photo and some text added to Mrs. Robert Reid

Oct. 31st 2015.

Photos added to James DarnellRoy Truly.

Oct. 30th 2015.

Documents added Roy Truly, James Altgens.

Photos added to Malcolm Couch.