Business as usual or meet the lone gunman(UA-66627984-1)

Dolores Kounas


Dolores Kounas worked on the third floor of the TSBD for the McGraw-Hill company and stood opposite the TSBD across Elm St along with Roberta Parker &  Lloyd Viles. She hears the rifle fire and thinks that the rifle fire direction this coming from the underpass.

She is recognised as the person wearing glasses and wearing a turquoise dress. First in the Elsie Dorman film. You can see Rosemary Willis (wearing a red skirt and white jacket) running behind her.


CE 1381 Dolores Kounas page 1. Click to enlarge.


CE 1381 Dolores Kounas page 2. Click to enlarge.


Dolores Kounas in the Elsie Dorman film in the turquoise dress while the limo is turning on to Elm St.

Afterwards she is captured in one of the Willis slides, next to Carolyn Arnold and Marilyn Sitzman, who assisted Zapruder standing up on the pedestal while he shot the assassination sequence..

Dolores Kounas in Willis 8. Two the right behind the policeman. Click to enlarge.

In this Cook film segment we  can see Kounas in the centre of the shots, next to the TSBD sign. Shortly after they are ushered away from the front of the TSBD as it is about to be cordoned off by the DPD.