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Vincent Drain


Vincent Drain in Larry Sneed’s No More Silence

I just stayed long enough to watch it taxi down the runway and take off then returned to the Dallas Police Department because one of my duties was liaison with all the local departments which included the district attorney, the chief of police, and the local head of the Secret Service. 


Dallas District Attorney Henry Wade tells reporters at the Dallas Police Department that conviction is likely for Lee Harvey Oswald in Pres. Kennedy’s assassination, 11/24/1963

At the police department, I was with Henry Wade, the district attorney, and the chief of police during the rest of the afternoon. There it was a three-ring circus because the White House Press Corps was there and, if you’ve ever dealt with them, you’ve really got something to deal with. Later that evening Oswald attended a so-called press conference. The reason that he was brought to the show-up down in the basement was really more for the purpose of demonstrating to the press that the allegations that the police had beaten up Oswald were untrue. I first knew about it when the District Attorney Henry Wade and I were talking to the Chief of Police, Jesse Curry, and Curry said, “Let’s go down to the show-up.”  As to how this happened can be explained much easier with this video. Drain was right in the midst of it all how this came together. The reporters asked them for it.

Drain standing behind and to the right of Henry Wade.

Screen grab-B.K.


“So Wade, Curry, and I walked down to the basement where it was being held and stood partially in the doorway. The press was already there including Jack Ruby, who was sitting on the second row. That was on Friday night, the night of the assassination. I can’t recall just what all he was saying other than his shouting some remarks and throwing his fist in the air and that sort of thing. It’s hard to say what kind of opinion you’d have of a fellow that you’d just observed there, but considering the stress he must have been under, he seemed pretty cool and not overly excited. He seemed to be very sure of himself with a feeling of a sense of accomplishment.”

This final part of this paragraph above is utter rubbish. If one were to study the videos of Oswald’s press conference then one could only conclude that he was humble, did not shout during the event and did his utmost to stay composed after being told he was being charged with killing J.F.K.  Oswald showed his cuffs when asked by the photographers in the corridor, hardly a defiant stance.

On page 250 of the very same book he states: “At that time, the police had a homicide captain by the name of Will Fritz who didn’t like to turn anything over to anyone else, particularly the FBI. So when we arrived back at the police department, I knew better than to go to the captain. I knew that he wouldn’t turn the evidence over because we really didn’t have much of an argument for them to turn it over other than for the National Archives since Oswald was dead and Ruby was in jail.” With which it shows that Drain hung with the big boys long enough to go through them to get evidence handed over.

Drain himself gets on a specially chartered plane to get to Washington in the early morning of the 23rd to deliver the evidence for further analysis at F.B.I. headquarters

From Larry Sneed’s No More Silence.

What is quite surprising to read is his interview with Earl Golz (thanks to Malcolm Blunt for these two pages) and in these pages he finds anomalies with the initials and points out the use of a different typewriter on his reports.


Earl Golz Interview of Vincent Drain 1980-1. Click to enlarge.

Earl Golz Interview of Vincent Drain 1980-2. Click to enlarge.