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John P Adamcik.


John P Adamcik spoke with Oswald at about 23:00 hrs on Nov 22nd. It is rather strange that John Adamcik was allowed to do this as he was a very young detective and other detectives like Elmer Boyd or Richard Sims were not doing this. Then again they weren’t able to speak Russian!

Adamcik first appears at the DPD together with Marina and Marguerite Oswald just after 8 PM. John Adamcik acknowledges Carl Day’s presence.

Adamcik, seen in the background behind Marina and Marguerite Oswald, is seen in this Darryl Heikes photo.

Pic. Darryl Heikes. Click to enlarge.

He was present while Marina was asked to identify the rifle by Will Fritz at 20:00. Adamcik is present when Carl Day has made his way down from the fourth floor with the Mannlicher Carcano rifle above his head into Will Fritz’s office to show the rifle to Marina.

Carl Day showing the Mannlicher Carcano rifle inside Will Fritz’s Robbery & Homicide Bureau. Will Fritz on the right and John Adamcik in the centre of the image with his back to the camera. In the background on the phone is USSS agent Winston Lawson. Click to enlarge.

During his Warren Commission testimony the following exchange occurs:

Mr. BELIN. Then what did you do?

Mr. ADAMCIK. Well, this was fairly late. I guess it was around 10 o’clock when we got back, so apparently it was around 9 when we started taking them to Irving, and got back about 10. We just dropped them off at the house and went on back to the office.

Mr. BELIN. What did you do when you got back to the office?

Mr. ADAMCIK. Went to the office and I stayed there a while, and I guess it was around 11 o’clock, I mean the interrogation room in the captain’s office, and spent about 15 minutes.

Mr. BELIN. Why did you go in the interrogation room?

Mr. ADAMCIK. Well, at that time I think somebody else just finished talking to him, and I think the captain had to go see somebody or something, and nobody was in the room at the time, and he told us to go on in there for a little while and see whether we could talk to Oswald. I think Detective Montgomery went in there with me, I am not sure.

Mr. BELIN. Were you the only two in there at that time?

Mr. ADAMCIK. Yes; I think so. The ID Bureau came in there and either fingerprinted him or done something. When they came in there, I left. It was just a short period of time.

Mr. BELIN. Do you remember any conversation that took place there?

Mr. ADAMCIK. No; except I asked him whether he drove a car. I did ask him that. And I remember him saying something that he didn’t.

Mr. BELIN. That he did or did not?

Mr. ADAMCIK. That he did not. And I asked him how long he was in Russia and whether he liked it there, and I remember him telling me how long he was there. I think it was two years, or something like that.

Mr. BELIN. Well—-

Mr. ADAMCIK. I don’t remember exactly what he said, and he liked it okay, and that is just about it.

Mr. BELIN. Did you talk about the assassination at all?

Mr. ADAMCIK. No; it wasn’t anything at all concerned with the assassination.

Mr. BELIN. Did you ask him any questions?

Mr. ADAMCIK. We did.

Mr. BELIN. Like what kind of questions?

Mr. ADAMCIK. Like where were you at the time this assassination occurred; and he just wouldn’t say anything.

Mr. BELIN. Did he just keep quiet?

Mr. ADAMCIK. He just sat there and stared straight ahead.

Mr. BELIN. Didn’t talk at all?


Mr. BELIN. Did he ask for an attorney while you were there?

Mr. ADAMCIK. Not in my presence.

Mr. BELIN. Did you ask him any questions about Officer Tippit’s murder?

Mr. ADAMCIK. No; I don’t believe that I did.

Mr. BELIN. Anyone else there that did?

Mr. ADAMCIK. I didn’t hear anybody.

Mr. BELIN. All right, then what happened?

Mr. ADAMCIK. Well, I just stayed at the office until about 2 o’clock in the morning.

Mr. BELIN. Ever see Oswald again?

Mr. ADAMCIK. I seen him being led out of the office from the interview, I believe. I didn’t go down there.

Mr. BELIN. What interview?

Mr. ADAMCIK. I think they had–I don’t know whether it was an interview or some kind of press conference down in the assembly room.

Mr. BELIN. When would that have been?

Mr. ADAMCIK. It would have been about midnight.

Mr. BELIN. Do you know if Oswald requested it or if someone else did?

Mr. ADAMCIK. I don’t recall.

Mr. BELIN. Then what happened?

Mr. ADAMCIK. I stayed in the office after Captain Fritz and the other men came back. He told us to go on home and come back the next morning about 10 o’clock.


John P Adamcik on the right while escorting Lee Oswald. Click pic to enlarge.


John P Adamcik behind Marina Oswald. Pic. Jim Murray-Black Star. ROKC Scan from the Richard E. Sprague Archives at NARA..


L to R: John P Adamcik, David Johnston, Henry Wade, Will Fritz, Jesse Curry and an unidentified Dallas Police man outside the robbery and homicide Bureau.

Joint report John P Adamcik, Gus Rose and Richard Stovall.