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Mark Bell


Mark Bell

Mark Bell as featured in Life Magazine


Mark Bell was overall in a good position to capture the motorcade, he stood on a pedestal next to a set of columns.


Skaggs_5 Wiegman

Skaggs 5 with Dave Wiegman (holding door handle) and Mark Bell, standing on pedestal and filming while standing next to the set of columns.

At first he caught the motorcade up close while driving down Houston St.

JFK The Lost Bullet 720p.mkv_20150628_132101.985


He captures the front of the TSBD, but the front steps are largely obscured by a tree.

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Then he caught the aftermath with the limo speeding away, the spectators dropping down on the floor and then the people running up the steps.

JFK The Lost Bullet 720p.mkv_20150628_132251.928 JFK The Lost Bullet 720p.mkv_20150628_132308.960

JFK The Lost Bullet 720p.mkv_20150628_125251.293


Mark Bell’s footage of the front of the TSBD is partially obscured by a tree, but it still offers some valuable info such as the colors of the outfits the ladies in  the Truly group is seen wearing. Carolyn Arnold wore red,