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Eddie Piper


eddie peiper

Eddie Piper was the janitor at the Texas School Book Depository.

If you study Piper’s statements from Nov 23rd and Dec.29th 1963 then it becomes quite evident he is told to shut the hell up.

In the Nov 23rd statement at the Sheriff’s Office Piper states that he and Oswald had been on the 1st floor at noon and that Oswald had indicated he was going “up” or “out” to eat lunch. If he heard ‘out’ then that would indirectly place Oswald outside the building.

Then in a December 29th interview with the FBI, Piper says he only saw Oswald once that day filling orders on the 1st floor and that being shortly after 10 a.m.  He also specifically denied any actual conversation with Oswald only to later to do a 180 on that when testifying in front of  the Warren Commission.

Eddie Piper’s Warren Commission testimony reveals a few interesting bits:

Mr. PIPER. I heard one shot, and then the next shot went off-the one that shot him and I got on up and went on back, back where they make coffee at the end of the counter where I could see what happened and before I could get there, the third shot went off, and I seen the people all running and in a few minutes someone came in the building, and I looked up and it was the bossman and a policeman or someone.


Mr. BALL. You mentioned you saw Truly?
Mr. PIPER. I don’t know whether it was a policeman or FBI or who it was, but another fellow was with him.
Mr. BALL. And where were you?
Mr. PIPER. Standing right there where they make coffee.
Mr. BALL. What did they do?
Mr. PIPER. He ran in and yelled, “Where is the elevator?” And I said, “I don’t know, sir, Mr. Truly.” They taken off and went on up the stairway and that’s all I know about that.

Piper is not asked one single question by Joseph Ball about whether he saw Bill Shelley and Billy Lovelady reenter the building after the shooting. It is more than likely that Piper saw Victoria Adams and Sandra Styles after their descent before Baker and Truly made their way up.

Piper is not asked anything about his encounter with Jack Edwin Dougherty either.

Piper had a DUI charge which cost him $ 200. He called Roy Edward Lewis “Little Red” due to his fondness for Johnny Walker Red Label.