Business as usual or meet the lone gunman(UA-66627984-1)

Marvin Johnson

 Marvin Johnson got called into the TSBD ……….Johnson is pictured holding the coke bottle outside the TSBD in front of the stairs.

But our interest goes to the statement Marvin Johnson prepared regarding the Baker/Truly/Oswald encounter.

I quote:

On about the 4th floor Officer Baker apprehended a man that was walking away from the stairway on that floor. Officer Baker started to search the man, but the building manager stated that the man was an employee of the company and was known to him. Officer Baker released the man and continued his search of the building. Officer Baker later identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the man he had seen on the 4th floor of the Texas Book Depository.


When patrolman M.L. Baker identified Lee Harvey Oswald as the man that stopped in the Texas School Book Depository Building, patrolman Baker was in the Homicide Bureau giving an affidavit and Oswald was brought into the room to talk to some Secret Service men. When Baker saw Oswald he stated, “That is the man I stopped on the 4th floor of Texas School Book Depository.”

Baker’s affidavits never made any mention of him pointing out Oswald as the man he saw and Johnson confirms the 4th floor instead of the 2nd for the encounter. Had he done that then this would have been the nail in Oswald’s coffin there and then in the late afternoon on the 22nd. Instead the 2nd floor lunch room encounter was not publicised until late morning of the 23rd. Folder 2/36