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Pauline Sanders


Pauline Sanders, finally found due to diligent research by Linda Giovanna Zambanini.

Pauline Sanders, 1956. Crozier Tech H.S. As found by Linda Giovanna Zambanini. Click to enlarge.



Pauline Sanders-Parents Teachers Association-Crozier Tech. 1945. Found by Linda Giovanna Zambanini. Click to enlarge.

Click pic. to enlarge. Thanks to John Woods.

Pauline Sanders, close-up, in the Wiegman film. The so called second front steps capture. Click pic to enlarge.


Sanders is also spotted in the Darnell film, be it very tiny, but as per her statement she said she stood on the East side of the steps. See below marked. This was discovered by Andrej Stancak. The enhancement by me. Looking at the pic above and the Darnell frame below I’d say we have a match.

Pauline Sanders in Darnell. Click pic. to enlarge.

Pauline Sanders in Darnell, close-up.

Pauline Sanders is the only person who stated she saw Marrion Baker dash into the TSBD, of all the the people on the front steps. She does not mention Truly at all. She relays a hearsay story involving a phone conversation she has had with Mrs Robert Reid and it is part of her statement and used as possible back-up of the Reid-Oswald encounter.

Sanders and Mrs Reid also had a very similar conversation with Ochus Campbell.