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November 2023

The Lone Gunman Podcast with Rob Clark, released on Nov 11th.

The Opperman Report, recorded on Sept 26th, but was released on Nov 4th 2023.

September 2023

Out of the Blank podcast with Robbie Robertson.

JFK Facts / Jefferson Morley on Prayer Man More than A Fuzzy Picture.

Publication Spotlight by the AARC.

Talk with Len Osanic of Black Op Radio.


August 2023

I spoke with Doug Campbell of the Dallas Action podcast about the TSBD inside and in front.


April 2023

I love being on Quick Hits, always great fun.

March 2023

Another chat with Robbie Robertson.

Aug 2022

I did a really good talk with Doug Campbell of the Dallas Action podcast. In this episode we predominately only discuss the first few hours of Oswald’s incarceration. Click the pic below to be taken to it.


Another episode with Robbie’s Out Of The Blank podcast. This time together with Greg Parker.

July 2022

Robbie Robertson invited me for a chat at Out of the Blank. I am discussing my recently released papers and we stray off for a bit as well.

May 2022.

The AARC has published my article on the destruction of Lee Oswald’s alibi and the invention of the second floor lunch room encounter.

November 2021.

Quick Hits 27, I talk about the Malcolm Blunt’s archive with Rob Clark and Doug Campbell. This archive will be opened to the public on Nov 20th 2021. Click the picture below to go to the podcast.

June 2021.

I rejoined Rock Clark & Douglas Campbell for the Quick Hits podcast episode 21. I talk about the Hidell ID and the Malcolm Blunt Archives. Click the image below.

June 2020.

February 2020.

Guest on Quick Hits Ep. 6 with Rob Clark and Doug Campbell.

November 2019.

Ep. 157 ~ Explosive New Evidence and Timeline Tweaks About The Interrogations. 

May 2019.

Article by Michele Meta, a journalist from Rome, making mention of me, and this site.

December 2018.

Recent praise for my Prayer Man movie on FB.


November 2018.

Interviewed by Doug Campbell of the Dallas Action Podcast.

Click on the photo below to listen.


July 2018.

December 2017.

November 2017.




I have been on BlackOpRadio show #831, and I only talked for just over an hour. It was great fun!

  • Anatomy of the Second Floor Lunch Room Encounter
  • Winner of the Mary Ferrell & JFK Lancer New Frontier Award Nov. 2016
  • Bart saw a BBC documentary when he was 11, he was fascinated by the whole mystery
  • The first internet search Bart made was for Fletcher Prouty
  • He started focusing more, going deeper, he spent a year in Harold Weisberg’s archives
  • His first project’s scope was too wide, he focused in on the TSBD, a brilliant maze
  • There is a lot of contradiction, Prayer Man, Bill Kelly’s thread
  • The Lunch Room Encounter, where was Oswald?
  • Dealey Plaza UK 2017 Seminar, Canterbury, Christchurch University April 29-30
  • The truth is not in the Warren Report, a picture is painted
  • Baker’s initial statement doesn’t refer to the lunch room or the second floor
  • Baker’s FBI statement, the Warren Report was already printed
  • Newspapers contradict the official story
  • Bart leans towards, Roger Craig’s observation, Oswald and the Nash Rambler
  • Oswald was on the first floor, not on the sixth, not on the second either
  • Bart has written 18 chapters over 177 pages
  • Links, pictures, documents, floor plans
  • Motorcycle policeman Marion Baker and TSBD Superintendent Roy Truly
  • Baker did not dash into the building, he stood in front
  • In 1964 Roy Truly stated he talked to Howard Brennan
  • The Blacks (employees/witnesses) were treated really bad and they were scared
  • Eddie Piper, Troy West, discrepancies in their statements, Charles Givens
  • The actual encounter, look at the pictures, imagine Baker and Truly
  • The Secret Service, a lot of stories were invented
  • The Oswald Affair: (Sauvage 1966)
    An Examination of the Contradictions and Omissions of the Warren Report
  • Truly, “Baker was ahead of me,” not between a policeman and a gunman
  • Seeing somebody behind that tiny little window of that closed door
  • Truly’s testimony just rattles, he corners himself
  • The evolving up and down story of the Coke
  • Oswald walks through the office, down the steps, out the building
  • He allegedly encounters Mrs. Robert Reid, Geneva Hine contradicts her
  • Was Oswald Encountered Somewhere Else? The most important chapter
  • Oswald was stopped, but, he was stopped on the first floor
  • The TSBD had a class divide, laborers, office workers
  • Bart covers Oswald’s interrogations, what did he say?
  • His legal rights were trampled on
  • The re-enactment didn’t add up
  • Excerpts of this article at
  • (NOTE: Bart’s article has many links, which are not duplicated here)




I have done a Dutch national radio program and a local Dutch TV current affairs program. Both will need English subtitles so until done so this space is occupied with this text, eventually links to both segments will appear here. For now this blog post will have to do.



Blog post by EJK from NY. Who is converted by the subterfuge of evidence as shown in the movie that Prayer Man is Lee Oswald. March 1st 2016.

PM review


Feb 2016.

Episode 104 of Rob Clark’s Lone Gun Man podcast, 2 hours of chatter Feb 16th 2016.

Review on GoodReads. Dec 2015.


Hasan Yusuf review. Dec 2015. Click to enlarge.


Mentioning of my movie in the Prayer Man: Out Of The Shadows And Into The Light Book Review. Dec 2015. Click to enlarge.