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This site is not to lambaste the entire Secret Service, but what happened on Nov. 22nd 1963 was sloppy or better yet a serious derelict of duty, or dare I say it a few rotten apples inside that detail gave the President away on a silver platter to the assassins, plus having done very questionable things in the dark arts of covering up.

It’s also noteworthy that not one of that detail was reprimanded or demoted as a matter of fact some were promoted to LBJ’s detail. If you want to read about the Secret Service and especially the detail that went with JFK to Dallas and supposedly ‘protected’ him after a massive piss-up the early morning before that then read Vince Palamara’s Survivors Guilt.

This site focuses only on two of its agents that were present during Lee Oswald’s interrogation: Thomas J. Kelly and Forrest J. Sorrels of whose reports and testimony is available with regards to Oswald’s interrogation. 

Secret Service agents Grant, Howard, Kunkel, Patterson, and Warner who were present at certain times did not supply any reports or were testifying in front of the Warren Commission.