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Charles Truman Walker


Charles Truman Walker was involved with the arrest of Lee Oswald at the Texas Theater. He is pictured, wearing a white cap, by Stuart Reed while Oswald is dragged outside and shoved into an unmarked police unit. Walker, Paul Bentley, Gerald Hill, Lyons and Bob Carroll are getting in the car and delivers Oswald to City Hall.

Charoles Truman Walker (wearing white cap) escorting Oswald outside the Texas Theater. Pic: Stuart Reed. Click to enlarge.

A set of records of Walker is at the National Archives.

Walker is seen arriving and escorting Oswald into City Hall. At first arriving by elevator and then also dropping him of at the DPD, and passing Billy Lovelady who sits inside the office.

In his HSCA statement he states “Being alone in there with him made me think. He could still have a weapon, so I searched him good, but found nothing”. This info alongside with Paul Bentley’s FBI statement from Feb 1964 directly contradicts the discovery of the busticket and the shells by Richard Sims and Elmer Boyd.